Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a difference a week makes

Things have changed on the Swift. Last Wednesday (April 9th) the lower river was flowing at around 230 cfs. Everything had changed but the fishing was still good with 16 'bows landed on a weighted scud pattern. Lots of rising fish to a caddis fall around dark. Now it is different. Tonight the river was blowing by at around 280 cfs. Lots of surface water from the lake was now in the river, scattering the trout. There were caddis buzzing around and a good spinner fall of some mayfly (olive colored and around a size 20) but nothing coming up to feed on them. I fished slow and deep with scuds and jailbirds but took only two rainbows in an hour and a half. I fished HARD!! Maybe I should carry some S.J. worms, something bright to get the attention of those trout but I've seen this happen before. Overflow from Quabbin changes things in a major way. I'm afraid that this high water condition may last a while. Check the flow for the Swift on this site. Below 250cfs should be the start of something good.

The Millers - still bloated from the post Rat Race/heavy rain/snow melt condition. Waiting for MAY!!!!!!!!!!


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