Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Westfield, Millers and the Swift

During the last two weeks I've been able to fish the Westfield (a short trip but plenty of rainbows), the Millers and two trips to the Swift.

On Friday, the 17th, I found myself on the lower Millers during the late afternoon. A walk up to the Upper Trestle Pool produced one hit. I have to say that this beautiful pool has been "off" this year. The surface action has not been as it was years ago. Maybe next year.

An hour later I worked the Kempfield section. The big, flat water brought 4 browns to the net with another 4 escaping this angler. Again it was the #18 BWO which was the king for the day.

When I started fishing the temperature was about 60 degrees. By 6pm it had dropped into the mid 40's and even though I was dressed for cool weather I could feel the change in the season as I left the water for the walk back to the car. At this time of year I wonder, as I leave the river for the trip home, if this will be the last trip of the season to the Millers River. It's been that way for the last 24 seasons. Hopefully.........

Sunday morning and it has poured all night. I can hear the river outside my kitchen roaring and a quick look at the online guages show that the Millers and the Westfield are blown out again. But the pre-dawn sky is clear so off to the reliable Swift. What a day!! I landed the largest brookie that I have caught in Ma. George said it was 17 inches but it was more like 15 inches and loaded with fall spawning color. Another brookie, about 13 inches followed that, and another 4 more came to the net. All told I had 14 trout, 8 'bows and 6 brookies. I also saw a 'bow that easily passed the 20 inch mark caught by another angler. It was a deep colored fish that had been in the river for some time.

The Flies - SCUDS, #14 and #16.

The days are growing shorter. Flyfish NOW!!



Gerry said...

Sounds like fun, Ken. The Friday you mentioned was the 17th, wasn't it? Which area on the Swift? Hatchery pipe, Y-pool, Cady LN? I assume the brookies are holdovers or wild fish moving up to spawn? Any recent stocking?

marc said...

One of the rainbows that I caught on my last trip there was in the head of that Trestle pool. Probably a recent stockie, but a real pretty 16 incher. On a black stonefly nymph

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Gerry - You're right. It was the 17th. My mistake. I was fishing the "pipe" section and the brookies looked very much like holdovers/wild fish. I was told that there are brookie redds all over the river. The rainbows that I've caught have been in the river for a long time. The color is the giveaway.

Marc - The Millers is on the fall stocking list and rainbows are what they throw in. Due to the high water this summer we have had many rainbows hold over through the summers. If yours were dark in color then it was stocked in the spring. Stoneflies are a great choice!!