Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB
Fly Fishing The Millers - With over 30 years of fly fishing this river I will claim more knowledge and fish caught than anyone. There are over 40 miles of river and I will take you to the best sections and if you want to sections that never see another angler. Don't be fooled by those who say the Millers is a Spring and Fall river. I'll show you how to have great Summer action. The "EB of the Westfield" - Wild and beautiful is the only way to describe this river. There's a lot of water here but I know where to go to catch trout. After a trip you will too!! Solitude and trout IS the EB. The Swift - 20 trout days are not uncommon on this river if you know what to do and use. I'll show the way and you catch the trout. RATES - Full Day (6 hours) = $150.00 for one, $225 for two (lunch included). Half Day (three hours) $90.00 for one, $155.00 for two. Beginners Class - 3 hours ffor $90.00, all use of rods lines, reels included.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Millers River Snapshot - Holtshire Bridge

I thought I'd spend a little time talking about the Millers River as we endure the long wait until the river is at a decent level to fish. One of the first places that receives attention in the Spring is the Holtshire Bridge Run.
Now, some may refer to it as "Orcutt Run" or "Orcutt Pool" from the name of the brook that enters just above the bridge. The Orcutt label is fairly new. I like the name that we used 20 years ago which is Holtshire Bridge named for the bridge that spans the river on Holtshire Road. Anyway, it's a popular place by any name.
If one is new to flyfishing or is a little unsteady while wading this is a very good spot for you. First, it has an even, almost glass-like flow for almost 200 yards which insures good lines of drift. Second, it's sandy, cobblestone bottom insures easy wading when compared to most of the river. Third, it is heavily stocked with rainbows and some browns. That's the upside. Here's the downside. It can be VERY CROWDED!! It is also somewhat shallow and even though it has ample aquatic weeds to shade the trout it is wide open to the summer sun without any needed shade from trees. The bottom line is that it is one of the few places that is unreliable for mid summer evening fishing because the trout have left for cooler quarters. One would think that the mouth of Orcutt Brook or the brook itself would provide refuge and that may be true but your best bet is the very tail of the pool. Trout hang out in the fast water below and then work their way up to the pool at dusk. It's your best bet for summer fishing on this section.
The photo above was taken on Holtshire Bridge looking downstream. To reach the tail of the pool just follow the railroad tracks which run on the north side of the river.
If you don't mind the crowds then check this place out starting this month through June.

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