Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's Up With The Swift??????

Ok, I've written about the high water conditions on the Swift for the last four months. The lower C&R is pretty much unfishable, even the hardware boys are staying away. So today (4/26) I took a walk to check out the "Y" Pool. Now, a late Sunday afternoon with temps in the '80's should have brought out the crowds. I saw only three flyfishers braving the current which was over 500cfs. I spoke to one fellow that told me to check out the "bubbler". I did. There's no water coming out!!! A stick dropped from the footbridge just floats without any downstream movement. Everything is coming from the spillway! One would think that they would open the bubbler to help lower the level of the "pond" so we could get back to normal.
The lower photo is the branch that leads to the bubbler. It's shallow and still. The upper one is the spillway and the "Y" Lake, I mean Pool.
This condition has to end soon before the warm weather arrives for good. We might not have a "tailwater" any longer but a stream fed by summer surface water!!
BTW, made it to the Millers on Saturday. The water was high (as expected) but a few rainbows came to the net at the Kempfield and Bridge St. Pools.

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Anonymous said...

Fished the Y pool yesterday and talked to a ranger...the powerplant is closed for repairs so all the water in there is coming from the water is coming through the Swift at all.My first time fishing the area so I don't know if that makes sense. Had one strike in the Y pool but couldn't land it. Saw lots of fish downstream from there to Rt. 9 but no strikes.