Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Swift - August 20, August 22

Thursday evening found me on the Swift at the "pipe" section. It was different from the week before when "rubber hatch people" were sailing through. I was the only one there except for one other flyfisher who left shortly. I took four 'bows, all crazy on the longrod, and lost two others. The fly that worked was the reliable "hotspot". (check posts from early '08, I believe, for tying directions) I was hoping for some surface activity above this section but the "fog" was on the river and that seems to kill any hopes of that.
A awoke Saturday morning at 5am to find thunder and lightening in the sky. I waited through an extra cup of coffee and then headed out. The Westfield had gone from 130cfs to 800cfs overnight so the Swift was a sure choice. At 7:30am I found one other flyfisher working the lower section of the pipe. This is very strange. A year ago you needed reservations!! First I took two small brookies that didn't look that they were in the river that long. A good 'bow struck next and I will consider it a "catch' even though I lost it at the end of a tough fight. I then ended upstream and took another brookie just below the gauge. I then headed downstream and found the "fallen tree pool" vacant so in I went. A very good 'bow came next and I missed another. Every fish was brought to the net via the "hotspot" in size 14. This may be my "go to" sub-surface Swift River fly. Two years running and it's caught a lot of trout. It's utterly easy to tie.
I don't know why the "pipe" section is so underfished this year! Maybe the high water of July scared people off their routine but this section is loaded with fish and you should try to get out there. If the "pipe" or the water directly below it is occupied then go upstream or downstream. It all works. Another thing: take the indicator off and cast upstream and follow your leader/line and watch for "stoppage'. I outfish "indicator" anglers 4/1. I firmly believe that watching a "bobber" restricts your success. Try it the "old way". Everything about your fly presentation will improve.


bobo said...

Good to meet you today at the Pipe. I checked out the 'hot spot' and will tie up a couple for the next time out. SJWs produced today, in both brown and pink - with and without indicator. I agree you can pick up more fish without the bobber. A bit more attention is required to detect the take. Also took a rainbow on a black wooly bugger - lately this has been the exception rather than the rule. See you on the water.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Nice to meet you too. It was a good morning all around except for the "fog" which seems to kill the surface action. A black wooly bugger - good for you!!!

Good luck to you wherever you fish!

No Millers tonight. Maybe tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

I fished that section today in the afternoon. Caught one on a sjw but will try some hotspots the next time.