Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Millers - A Season Review

It's about time that I said something about this season on the Millers. A washout? Maybe!! I first cast a fly on this river in the Spring of 1985. For over 20 years this river never failed me as far as the fishing conditions were concerned, especially from June onward. There were some high water events but they seemed rare compared to the last two seasons. I've never seen anything like this. I guided two gents on the lower Millers back on June 11th. The flow was about 250cfs, perfect for the dry fly fishing that we were after. The next day the flow topped 1200cfs and it didn't drop below 500cfs until late August. I thought I'd never see another 2008 but I did and it was worse. We all salvaged some days this Fall and that's a good thing.

Do I give up on the place? NO WAY!! It's just too good when things are right and I'm sure things will get back to normal. I'm waiting for next season!!

The Swift - 38cfs means more patience and a slower approach. I spent two hours Sunday morning working from the crib dam downstream. One small rainbow on a scud. That was it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm hoping that the Westfield will work for me on Friday!



Anonymous said...

What are the best shows worth going to this winter/fall?-Cliff

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I go to the Marlboro show every other year. Every year would be too much of the same thing and last year didn't seem too great. There's a local show in Pelham NH each year which has more local knowledge of area rivers. If you are new to the sport then fly fishing shows are great. They are also good if you are looking for a guide.


Bob O said...

Thanks for the summary of the Millers. I'd hoped to make it up there this year - oh well... The fish will still be there, and larger next year, I hope.

The Swift's 38 cfs has been challenging, but patience brings its rewards. I've been concentrating on the bubbler section with varied success. Plenty of picky fish. Perhaps the rain/clouds over the next few days will make them more compliant. On Sunday someone was occasionally picking one off in the Y pool on a dry Usual - sunny calm 50+F will do that I guess.
I'm surprised you had such short results on the crib dam stretch. Often there some brookies taken in there. I know you'll keep at it.

I always enjoy your postings. Looks like the warmer weather will be with us for a while still.
Happy Thanksgiving.

browntrout said...


When you have a home water that you love, its hard to give up on it. You just know next year will be better. I've run into the same issue the past 2 seasons with my home water, The White in central Vt. Gorgeous freestone river -crystal clear water, large gravel bars, riffles, runs, steep ledge rock with pools that go over 20' down. But because it its a major drainage system the the Green Mountains, once the prolonged rains come for any extended period of time (as in the last 2 summers), the ground becomes too saturated and cannot hold anymore water. The result is the river highway of water that can take weeks only when additional storms stay clear.
Disappointing season for me up that way, bu I'm already excited about next season.

Mark Johnston said...

I fished the crib down the week before last with two small rainbows to show for it. one was wild because he had parr marks.

I think in the shallower water there is not enough cover for the trout. I saw the odd fish cruising and pods aggressively chasing each other - perhaops in spawn mode ?

I tried egg flies and dry flies.


Anonymous said...

The water has been high, no doubt. But the river did provide many days of very good fishing at many points during the year.
For the hardcore who can are happy to wade well up to our armpits and swing a wet fly or streamer there are always plenty of good fish to be had. With a bit of luck I'll give it a go again before the end of the year.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great year of info packed blogs. The "gents" will be hitting the Swift over the winter and hoping to have a great day of rainbow fishing to break up the cabin fever. Hope to see you on the water- the Coach.