Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning On The Swift

It was a bit strange to see only one car at the Y Pool lot at 7:30. It was Reed, a Swift River regular, who was just suiting up. We took a walk up to the "brook" which is the only spot that hasn't been flooded out as of yet. I'm not giving away any secret locations here. At 300cfs the "brook" is known by now as the only spot that gives the regulars the opportunity to do some "Swift River Fly Fishing" - fine tippets and tiny flies.

I went upstream as far as the law allows and fished with a size 20 red hot spot. I took seven in those two hours fishing directly upstream and letting that tiny fly drift back. It was worth it even with that slow leak in my waders that I thought that I had fixed. Note to self: get new waders!!

It would be nice to be able to get closer to the "bubbler". I saw some fish rising just beyond the "do not enter sign". Maybe in the future that will happen.

Spring is an odd time. Years ago I would ply the swollen rivers with HEAVY flies to fish for recently stocked trout and loved every minute of it. Now my dreams are centered on lower water and fish that have wised up. The Swift can still deliver on that account. Someday I will write about the era of OPENING DAY when three months of fishing angst would end with more angst (usually). I have many stories to tell!!!

Our favorite rivers will fall from their high, angry flows soon enough. Soon the Hendericksons, Quill Gordons and March Browns will appear and we will wonder why we even bothered to tie all those Wooley Buggers!!!


Anonymous said...

"Our favorite rivers will fall from their high, angry flows soon enough"

You've now been quoted and will be held responsible. Then again, what is your definition of "soon enough"? Was there anyone tossing streamers in the Y pool?


Jeff said...

Awesome pics. Love river fishing.