Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, January 21, 2013

Didymo - The Simple Facts

Didymo - The Great Pest that will take over our trout streams. Yes, we have all heard of it and we have heard, from what we would like to consider reliable sources, a number of remedies that will help rid us of this plague. The fact is that the conventional wisdom is totally wrong on this subject. Let's investigate this.

This algae is found in fresh, cold water. Didymo cannot survive is salt water. To rid your wading boots and waders of any possible didymo residue all you have to do it soak those parts in a heavy salt water solution. That's it. After a day on a river just do this: get a large plastic container and fill it with a 1 part salt to 4 part water solution (one lb salt to 4-5 gallons water). Put your stuff into the container, have a beer and a sandwich and then take your stuff out. The didymo is dead. No need to dry your stuff for 48 hours and no need to freeze your stuff.

DON'T spray your wading equipment!! Spraying your equipment is only good for non absorbent surfaces like boat hulls and such. Wading gear has to be SOAKED!!!! It bothers me that an organization (TU) would recommend on their site that their "spraying station" for waders and boots would work even when they posted information from the State of Connecticut that contradicted that advice!!!

I switched from wading boots to boot waders three years ago because boot waders are MUCH easier to clean AND much easier to take on and off. I soak my wading gear after every trip. No problems there. It's easy. One big container with a lid in the cellar or on the deck solves all on the problems.

Salt water will fix this problem. If didymo finds it's way into that beautiful picture that I posted......



Tony said...

Unrelated, just reading your updated page info on the left column. Glad to hear more tying patterns will be shared throughout this blog!
If you don't follow this blog already, some great patterns are being shared, all applicable to Mass Freestones.

Will said...

Interesting about salt water - that's a cool bit of info!

PCG said...

Awesome info, thanks! I definitely plan on using this method.
One question, and I apologize if this is beyond moronic, but do you rinse the gear after the salt water soak to avoid corrosion, or is this not an issue?


flyfisher1000 said...

salt is good !!!