Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winding The Season Down - Some Thoughts

Fact - More brand new fly rods will have their maiden cast on December 26 and December 27 on the Swift than in all other days of the year combined.

Fact - There are people who fish the Pipe and ONLY the Pipe every time they go to the Swift.

Fact - There are people who fish above Rt 9 and ONLY above Rt 9 every time they go to the Swift.

Fact - The two month parade of spawning brook trout has come to an end or at least to a trickle. It was great while it lasted.

Fact - The rainbows have turned their attention to scuds which they do every winter. They also like a certain egg pattern introduced to me by Matt and now shared with Tony and Evan. I'll talk about that early next year.

Fact - I like photos of swirling trout especially trout that you can't see but know are there.

Have a Merry Christmas and Hopefully you'll be able to make it into your waders before years end.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for another year of great posts Ken! I hope you continue for years to come-Thanks so much! Happy Holidays-cliff

Bob O said...

Dittos and kudos for another great blog year. Thank you Ken. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Cliff and Bob O,

Thank you! It's been over 7 years that this fragile experiment has been going on. Many online portals come and go but this keeps going on because it's fun and fly fishers for trout keep reading it. Thank you for your support!


Falsecast said...

Hi Ken,

Wishing you, and all the other people who read this blog, a happy and healthy Holiday! Here's to some tight lines in 2015!


tincup said...

Thank u ken so much, this sight has been so helpful, along with the guide u offer. love my renew passion have always tried fly for trout but only a one month on the east or if I got to maine. Been a salt nut for 30 yrs but now each and every day I check this sight. Merrry xmas to all and a happy new year and thank to all who has help me on these rivers.

Jo Tango said...

Hi Ken, best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

Also, I went to the Swift yesterday. Still learning the intricacies of it, but glad to land some fingerling brookies as well as a 15" rainbow. Had hooked 4 rainbows, but 1 broke off (bad knot by me) and 2 shook off my super-small midge hook. Re: the latter, I'm using 7x, and so, trying not to set the hook too hard. Still learning!

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for doing the blog! It's great how much you are willing to share, and you have helped so many people catch some trout on these rivers. Keep it up!

And also, I heard that trout have completely left the upper Swift? Do you know if there's any truth to this? I'll probably make a trip up there on the 1st or 2nd. Maybe see some of you there?

Thanks again,
Happy holidays,

fischmeister57 said...

I hit the Swift yesterday, Chistmas Day, and, needless to say, it wasn't crowded ;-) I fished the Pipe, taking advantage while it's still catch & release. A game warden came to check my license and we had a nice chat. Later, a local showed up opposite me and caught a whopper rainbow on a #12 Lafontaine caddis puppa. It amazes me because most of the time I can only catch the Swifties on tiny stuff. Yesterday I fished a #24 and got two bows and lost a few.

Ken, Year's end is a good time to thank you for this blog.

Happy New Year to all!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

There are still trout in the upper Swift, just not as many. We found a few brookies spawning on the 26th with a rainbow or two hanging below to scoop up the eggs. The bubbler run has rainbows scattered along its length. You have to stalk those fish!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your next years blog. Thankfully it is only a few days away :-)

Best to you and thanks for all you do for your readers.