Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Short Trip To The Pipe On Friday

No cars at the Y Pool lot but the Pipe access road is plowed. Hint: there are no dirty tire tracks here. Just pure white snow. There are footprints going down to the Pipe. Hint: there is new snow covering the prints. The last real snow was last weekend. There was one set of tracks entering the river by the Tree Pool. Mine were the first entering the river by the Pipe. The flow rose to over a hundred the day before but I don't think that was the excuse for only one 10 inch rainbow in the hour that I was there. Or maybe it was. Maybe the flow will drop by Sunday or the trout will settle down after getting used to higher water. Or maybe it's still too early. We will see.

The wind was cold but the sun was warm and felt good on my face. It's better than January for sure. In a couple of weeks.....



zerosleep said...

I am glad you got a fish. I was down there 2 weeks ago right after the big storm and not a single fish in sight. I also walked up the fly fishing the only section and not one fish in sight.

not sure where they all went, but hope they come back soon.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Same story since January. I think the trout have found some nice warm 45 degree spring or seepage and have decided to hang out there until the herons come back. I still think if the flow was down to 45-50 cfs I would have done better (maybe 2).


Bob O said...

Good for you Ken getting out. And for taking a fish. Sorry to learn there were not more. It tends to thin a bit as fish are caught and not released. Just the same, I believe they are replaced by others, once the lie is found vacant. I recall hearing the trout circulate under the ice in the Y pool. The trick is to time when then come to the open water edge. Higher flow .. over the spillway? .. it is likely the bubbler would be stepped up? They say snow Sunday and then rain on Wed. Hmmm, could spring be on the way?

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

Looking at the flow chart it seems to be a bubbler discharge instead of over the spillway unless they put flash boards at the spillway and then removed them quickly. I'm wondering about whether Quabbin is at capacity and what happens when the ice and snow melts. Could be an interesting Spring!!


Josh said...

I went down to the pipe yesterday for the first time this year. Water was ripping and didn't catch/see any fish. However, it was nice to get out. Got a few reminders on new gear I needed that I had forgotten about from last year.