Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Mid Week Trip To The Swift

A Wednesday trip to the Swift below Route 9 did not show the pods of trout from the previous week. You could make them out here and there (kind of) but they are certainly scattered which is a good thing. Maybe more will be there within the next few days but I'll bet that they will not. I want to bet on the upper CR to be stocked but I will wait until Las Vegas chimes in. It better be!!!

The Millers and the EB - the Millers is around 1500cfs. Wait till the first week in May. The EB , in the Gorge section, is less than the gauge is reading but not a lot less. Get brave and follow RT 9 and find a place off the highway. Hint: wait until May 15 or so.



Bill from Tully said...

I waded around below Rte. 9 from the gauge to well below the Pipe. on Wed. as well. Only saw one fish caught below the Pipe in three hours. Even bait fisherman were scrstching their noggings. Still a nice day for a newbie to practice.

Chris Wyse said...

I fished the EB from the Gorge Sat and wow, the flow is something else. You have to weight the tippet ridiculously to get your lure down in time. Not much fun, plus crossing it I took a swim. On the upside, no people there :)