Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Swift - All Is Well

I remember making a comment to a neighbor of mine when I lived in Athol that SPRING didn't really arrive until the DPW flushed their hydrants in late April/early May. A short scouting trip to the Swift today was slowed down for that activity on Bay Rd. Spring is really here and the weirdness of the Swift has passed. There are trout and the flow is down to what this small, placid tailwater is meant for. And the trout have begun to move around so you don't have to stack up from the Pipe to the Tree Pool to feel the "tug". The tug is everywhere.

Now we will start talking about the EB and the Millers.

The EB has settled down but I don't believe that the CR Gorge section is stocked and probably will not be until mid May. There will be trout moving downstream from ABOVE which may provide some relief but the action is at least two weeks away. If I'm wrong let me know but you probably will not!!

The Bears Den of the Millers is starting to almost look placid but in Erving/Wendell Depot it's another story. We will watch this.

Guys, don't get too antsy. We have 6 to 7 months of the Millers and the EB to look forward to. Think of those Summer evening rises. They are right around the corner!!



Falsecast said...

Good to hear Ken! I'll have to get out there in the next couple of days. Any bugs around? Hendricksons?

I've been avoiding the Swift and enjoying great stream fishing in the Quinnepoxet. Today I walked a couple of miles one way bridge to bridge picking up chunky stockers at the first bridge, 2 beautiful wild brookies and lost a 3rd in the riffles far from stocking and then a couple more stocker bows by the last bridge. Good mix. Just nymphing using a bright pink San Juan, but great fun.

Looking forward to some dry fly action with the Hendricksons soon. This is a good time to hit some freestones like the Quinnie. See you on the water!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


54 degree water means hendricksons at least on the Swift.

Anonymous said...

42 degrees this past Tuesday - a ways to go yet.

I see that the USGS web site has stopped showing the water temps for the Swift and also the Millers at Royalston. For those of us that have to do some travel to get on a river that has some trout I hope they maintain the flow rates. I enjoyed my morning trip to the Swift this past Tuesday. I like the 60 - 70 cfs flow rate best.

Al in Mansfield

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Those were the only two sites that I know of and they may never show water temperature again.

Until March 1st the Swift had been running at 45-50 cfs for two years. A two month bump up to 215 and now back to normal. If we have a normal summer it will stay that way.