Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, May 7, 2015


If you've been reading the comments on this blog you'll know that the upper CR on the Swift finally received it's fair share of trout. Hopefully it was a school of trout and not a pod of suckers that was seen. I'm betting that they were trout and some of you have probably fished over them already.

Fished the EB for 1.5 hours Monday evening under perfect conditions and took one rainbow and met another who also landed one. I don't think that these fish were stocked in the CR but washed down from above. The big stocking will occur next week but fish the place anyway. It will give you a peaceful reset after a month dealing with bait hogs at the pipe.

The Millers - Browns go in on the 8th and the flows are fishable. There will be plenty of anglers there on Saturday with a TU party planned but the crowds will be gone by mid May. Make it a point to try some new areas outside of the standard CR spots. Poke through seven years of past blog entries for some hints.

I have some trip openings for June. If interested just email me.




Kris said...


Thank you.

Is the EB a tail water release? Seems as though flows are dropping fast and are approaching dangerous levels in terms of trout survival. Unless this river stays relatively cool?

Steelies133 said...

Spent this afternoon on the EB and got into a ton of big stocked brook trout all of which were approx 12-14". It was a great afternoon!

Millers River Flyfisher said...


What are you worried about?

Conditions are perfect on the EB and will be if we don't have a dry summer. Trout feed actively between a 55 and 65 degree temperature range. May evenings (into the 40 degree range) keep the river cool for the next day.
Fish the EB!!!


Bill from Tully said...

Put about 1600 brown trout into the Millers River today from Bearsden/Royalston to the Power Station. Should provide some diversions for awhile.

nhflyfisher said...

Fished the Swift on Friday. Very few fish above the bridge. Overheard one gentleman say he has fished the Swift for over 40 years and has never seen it like this (presuming bad).

Josh said...

@nhflyfisher, there is alot in the moving water above rt9, NONE in the still water. Did very well Sunday & had the place to myself from 6-9pm, caught a few BIG bows that put up quite the fight. Right before dark I was seeing packs of big bows coming up off the bottom.

The EB... even better. Lots of big brookies, the majority of the bows I caught were smaller than 12"

Bill from Tully. said...

Caugt my first Rainbow on a fly today. Millers River/Holtshire. Thanks to Ken for his lesson last fall. Started something I feel. Hooked, but lost three others.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bill from Tully,

Very good for you!!!