Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fish The Swift And Watch For Poachers And The Millers/EB

This river has been stocked from the Y Pool down through the Pipe. There are plenty of fish and they are LARGE fish as well they should be considering that the Swift is our premier trout fishery. We had to wait long but it was worth it.

The 7/1 stocking has brought the fish baggers back. While guiding yesterday I saw a father with two sons coming down the path with a trout on a stringer. I read them the riot act and they took off. There will be plenty of people playing dumb about this over the next few weeks. Call the DFW law enforcement as I did.

The Millers is blown out. The EB at 302 is perfect. Remember, best results here are going to be in the evening going through into September. If the Millers comes down it will be the same story there also.



fischmeister57 said...

On Wednesday and Thursday after the stocking I caught so many fish it was ridiculous but when I went back yesterday, they were already a lot harder to fool. I'm glad it's becoming a challenge again.

What is the number of the Mass Fish & Game so that I can store it on my cell?



Anonymous said...

Dead on Ken! Call the DFG if you see poaching or people using bait now that both are illegal. Thanks for the reminder!

Tom from Saugus

Dan said...

Saw two fly fishers with six or seven trout on a stringer tied to a tree. Also saw a guy fishing with worms. I didn't report either of them because I was unsure of the regulations. Is it artificial lires and flies only catch and release from the route 9 bridge to cady lane? I also didn't have the heart and am not confrontational enough. The three fellas I mentioned were about two hundred yards below the tree pool. The fly fishers took two brown trout :(

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Keeping fish on the Swift above Cady Lane from July 1 to Jan. 1st is against the law. regardless of the fishing method. Bait fishing is illegal whether you catch anything or not.

The law enforcement number is: 800-632-8075. Leave a message and they follow up!


NH-trout-bum said...

I haven't been there since May but surely the regs regarding bait and keeping fish is clearly posted. Is it not? Has bait ever been allowed below rte 9 because I seem to recall the occasional bait fisherman in years past.

NH-trout-bum said...

You say the EB and Millers will fish best in the evening from now through Sept. I'm just trying to understand your thought process and/or experience. I would think either would fish best in the morning because they would have had all night to cool off from the day's heat.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


First, bait has ALWAYS been allowed below RT 9 from January 1st through June 30th every year. The bag limit is 3 fish until July 1 when it becomes CR. The regs are posted.

I've fished both places in the very early morning and yes, the fishing is good but the evenings are also good (8 the other night) and certainly more convenient.

When I say "very early morning" I don't mean getting there at 7am BUT leaving at 7am. I used to fish the Millers starting at 4am (an hour before sunrise in early July. Surface action was great until the sun hit the water. By 6:30 it was over. Weird but true.