Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Swift Second Season And Dave D. - Rod & Flies Found!!

First off - Dave - your rod, case and flies have been found. Mike at Deerfield Fly Shop has the info. Check my link to him on this site or look at the comments for my June 28, 2015 post for contact info.

Second, the bait boys are GONE from below RT 9 on the Swift. We have been having good results to some sulphur hatches and if we get the expected early July stocking we will have fishing till Christmas! Lenny, my Swift River spy (when I'm not there), has been fooling them on size 16 pheasant tails. It's the perfect generic nymph and works well in any size. I worked PT's last week from size 14 through 20. Scored on all sizes!!

Get out and fish this river during the heat of summer. It's cool, refreshing and the fishing is good. Book a trip, day long or evening and have a ball!!!

Happy July 4th to you!!



tincup said...

so happy dave got his stuff back. this does not happen often but when it does great new for humanity . Ken sending u a private e mail let me know if u get it one way or another.

Falsecast said...

Hi Ken - I've been traveling so not fished for a couple of weeks. I was pleased to hit the Swift today and find it loaded with fish. They must have just stocked it. They were a lot more spread out and willing takers to make a double digit day in just a couple of hours. Good times are back on that water.

Happy 4 of July!