Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three River Update

First off - The Swift dropped like a rock today to where it should be (apologies to those who like the 120 cfs flow). My prediction is that we will not see this scheduled release to aid the Connecticut River again this Fall. The CT River is flowing strong and with shorter days with less evaporation and Autumn rains there will be no reason for a heavy release. This happens almost every year. Unless we get a tropical storm which causes the Quabbin to overflow the flow will be fine - perfect for "fine and far off" fishing.

Second off - A source says that the Millers will get a Fall stocking on October 2nd. Most likely browns for the most part. Count the EB for that week or the week after. It's been that way for the last two years.

Now, many long time readers will ask while I'm mentioning this because in the Spring I stay away from stocking notices. Reason number 1 - Spring notices are noticed by creel carriers and "Spring only" anglers and adds to the crowd. The rivers mentioned above are CR and are populated by OUR guys and the bait guys are doing something else about now and it's not fishing. The Millers and the EB are BIG rivers with lots of casting room and they are populated with die hard fly fishers who need to spend a few months on a BIG river before the DARK season falls upon us. That's why I'm posting.

Got down to the PIPE last night. Within a half hour the three other anglers left. That's when I noticed that the only trout rising were in and below the PIPE flow. The pool was slow. I saw what looked like a BWO in the air so what the hell - on went a size 18 BWO CDC into the heavy flow. Took four bows and lost as many. Lost the last good fly, they didn't want anything to do with a nymph, so I went home for dinner. The PIPE outflow can really work for close up dry fly fishing!!


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Sorry but I deleted your comment by mistake!! I was wondering what happened to you!

EB bait fish - the vast majority of the bait fish are small shiners that have a greenish lateral line on the side. I could pick them up by the net full in June along the shore. Sculpins are in the mix too. Articulated streamers work there but that may be because these are freshly stocked trout in the Fall.

Hope to see you around!


Paul N said...

What's with the guides in their ( way too large) inflatable boats on the Swift? Saw one today with 4 clients . The damn boat was almost as wide as the river! Just kidding, but I have never understood why they are putting these type boats in at the turn off past Cady lane. Seems the Swift is made more for wading.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Paul N.

You are so right. I can see rafting where you can't wade but not there. At least they got toooo much static from this blog (and it's readers) to stay out of the area above Cady Lane. What's the matter? Is the deerfield been off lately?? Keep an eye out for rafts from Rout 9 down to Cady Lane.