Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bondsville Revisited

It seemed like just yesterday that this section of the Swift was on my regular fish list. I got familiar with the place in 2008, worked around the high water of 2009 (check out my blog post on the high water in July 2009) and spent the Summer of 2010 catching brookies, rainbows and browns mostly on dry flies. Then 2011 was a bummer, a view backed up by some of my readers. There was no explanation for it but the fishing was poor. It slowly fell of the fish list. I haven't been there in over two years!

I know that many don't have a clue where I'm writing about and even fewer have fished it. It is the section before the Ware River and that's all I'll say. It has some charm (real charm) in the fact that it doesn't LOOK like the Swift River that we know. It is a classic pool, riffle, run, repeat structure that looks natural because it is. It is UNNATURAL because the cool water of the upper Swift finds it's way down here. I've taken temperature readings in mid afternoon on hot Summer days and found 65 degree water. The DFW studied this stretch in 2004 and found that water temperatures never were higher than 68 degrees. All of this is well within a trout's comfort zone. Add the fact that much of this water is under a Summer canopy of shade and you will have a "trout zone"!

The place is loaded with brookies, not to the extent of Cady Lane but a good population. I've caught more browns down here per hour fished than anyplace upstream. The bows are here too. This was before 2011!

The downside - Having an industrial park almost on the banks of the river is not a selling point. It may be hard to see but you can hear it. The place also seems to be a party spot with it's share of litter. And it's catch and keep down here.

But it does have it's charm. 90% of the time I fished it alone with only the occasional kid with a spinning rod within view. I've met only one other fly fisher down there. That's always a drawing point for me.

I'm going to work this section again this season. It just can't be like 2011 again. It's on the stocking list every week in April and May and I know it's not being fished out. I will let you know!



Anonymous said...

I'm going to go back there too this season. You are right about 2011!


Millers River Flyfisher said...


I'll see you there!!


Falsecast said...

Ken - Sorry to have missed you at Charlie's. I heard it was very good.

Do you ever fish below the second dam in Bondsville? I used to go there and catch brookies years ago, but haven't been in a long time. Is it worth it?

BobT said...

A "Y Pool" regular told me about fishing down there back in the 80's according to the "google" looks like there has been a heck of a lot more development down there, it was much less developed back then but it was a nice change of pace, I don't recall having great great success back then but it was productive mostly. I have not been to that section in at least 20 years. Hopefully its still a good alternative..let us know.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I've always fished below the second dam and down below the industrial park. Lot's of brookies. That second dam should be important because anything going upstream to spawn goes no further.


The Swift in Palmer was on the weekly stocking report last April and May EVERY WEEK while the CR sections had to wait.

I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is Cady Lane? I always hear about people fishing it but I'm having trouble finding it on a map.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Find your way to the PIPE.

Get on the PIPE side of the river

follow the trail down the river less than a half of a mile.

Notice some horse stables across the river.

Notice a sign that says "Cady Lane"

You are there. Cross the river at the right hand bend in the river and start exploring.