Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Friday, May 19, 2017

The EB!!!! It's Time

Finally, the trout are back in the EB in mass (they were there before but in small numbers) and the place will be swarming with fly fishers as it has been for over 30 years on this weekend before Memorial Day. Count on crowded weekends with another fly fishing group scheduled in 2 weeks piled on top of the usual weekend frolickers. Can you love a place to death???

I live 15 minutes from the EB which gives me the opportunity to work this river in the evenings which has always been prime time during the Spring and Summer. In the evenings the bathers and most of the casual fly fishermen have left and you have the place to yourself except for the occasional "local" who waves as he heads to his spot downstream.

Over the years this place has become a mecca for bathers, hikers, mountain bikers in addition to the fly fishers. I've seen the beach blankets spread out as far downstream as the gate. Yes, we have to share the EB but if you want to experience some solitude go from Monday through Thursday especially in the evenings.

We hit the bottom of the Gorge Wednesday night the day before the big stocking. We hooked a monster bow in some very heavy flow at the tail of the Gorge.  Fish this spot!! The river has been stocked above the Gorge and some trout have gone downstream and have found refuge in the deep sections of this area. Waders and stick retrieving dogs will be gone by early evening.  Then it is yours!!!



Jamie Charles said...

I am heading out tomorrow with a friend to fish and I am trying to decide between the Ware or the Miller (Bears Den section). I have heard varying reports about the flows being too high on the Ware and Bears Den section being fishable but when I look at flows from USGS it shows opposite with high flow on the Miller and almost average on the Ware. Has anyone been out to either in the past couple of days that would be willing to share how the water was?

bigmster127 said...

the bears den section on the millers was really high on Thursday. I'm hoping it comes down some and maybe try tomorrow or sunday somewhere on the millers. the millers in erving did drop some from yesterday which is good. I caught a huge rainbow probably about 3 lbs in orange treatment plant yesterday. my best spot so far this year for fish is the bears den, but I cant believe how much it went up from last weekends rain.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Fish the Ware. The flow is very manageable and we caught trout today. The flow will be even lower tomorrow. Fish the Church Street run and then fish the water below the bridge in Gilbertville (Rt 32). Take a 10 minute drive over to the Swift after and fish there.


Bill/Tully said...

The Millers is in my neighborhood. Too much for me right now. Shallow Shore fish if you can( rte 68, Alan Rich Pk., treatment plant, or Power Sta. areas). I went to the East Branch of the Swift in Petersham and had some success( browns/rainbows). All the small midstate streams are full of water and fish.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The East Branch of the Swift is a gem.

I don't think the Millers will come down to something fishable (500 cfs) for at least 5 days and that's with no rain.

Unknown said...

I just moved to westfield. Do you have any suggestions of spots out this way? How's the fishing along route 20 going west bound out of town?

hockey_dad said...

Go to B&G Sports on route 20 buy some gear and they will tell you where to try. There are many spots within a few miles of that place. Also they used to stock the river themselves and they sell flies specific to the river. Bring a wading staff. Good luck !

DRL said...

Went last night afraid of running into massive weekend group, but was one of maybe 4 angler parties along the entire gorge to gate stretch. Lots of nice brookies, but water in the big side. Ken.I think I caught and released that bow about 2 weeks ago (

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Looks like the one we caught Wednesday night!!!

My friend said that the crowds were sparse today in that section or maybe everyone was down by the Hollow like 12-15 years ago.


NH-trout-bum said...

I fished the Gorge 5/29 for a good portion of the day and got into about four fish bring one to the net and having two on but they managed to shake loose. Speaking with one other fly fisherman, he said he fished there the day before and he and everyone else he spoke to didn't see any real (reel?) action. I ended up fishing in parts of the Westfield as it flows out of town and was equally successful but in 1/3 of the time.