Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, June 8, 2017

This Flooded Weekend - Where To Go

Check the map above. That's where we stand at 4:30 pm on Thursday June 8.  Blue dots mean heavy water but some rivers will come down quickly. The EB and The Ware will be fishable tomorrow. The EB will get down to a "high" fishable level tomorrow and should be ok if the forecast stays the same. The EB has been dropping at an average of 15 cfs each hour = fishable this weekend!
The Ware has been SLOWLY dropping and should be fine by Sunday. The Millers is in flood stage but may be ok in a week. Fish the Swift if you don't want to deal with heavy flows.  It's at 52 cfs!!!

Above are some photos of the West Branch of the Westfield. This is great water and you should try it.
Book a time and we will do it!

All of this information just doesn't come from me but a trusted network of seasoned fly fishers who know their rivers. I'm always out there scoping things out, giving you river flows, telling you what rivers are fishing well and telling you some true fish story's.  I want you to fish well in places that are fishing well and these places are public waters  Nothing wrong with that unless you are really retentive!



Joseph Drake said...

Hi Ken,

Still new(ish) to the area but I have been exploring as much as I can. Have gotten to the WB of the Swift, the Swift, The Ware, and some still waters too. I have also been trying to suss out smaller waters. I have been trying to explore the Fort. I have explored mostly around where the rail trail crosses it, have had some great luck around there pulling some good bows and browns (and even a brookie, smallmouth, and some big fallfish). I have walked around that area and not really found any other great holes like there are around the rail trail crossing. Are there any other good sections I should try out? Also, any other suggestions for small water around Amherst? Keep on the great work man!


Joseph Drake

Millers River Flyfisher said...


It appears that you know more than I do about the Fort River with those catches! I know that Amethyst Brook, up in the Fort headwaters has wild trout.

You may want to check out Cushman Brook outside of the Fort Watershed and the Mill River near the athletic field by Umass. I've heard some good tales about that stream. Then check out the OTHER Mill River in Williamsburg/Leeds, especially along River Rd in Leeds.


Just Me said...

FYI. The quinnie is fishable now as well. Much like the EB it goes up and down quickly.

Gary Cranson said...

Wow went to the WB yesterday morning fooled 4 bows with a #14 pats rubber legs and 1 with a #14 partdridge and orange,great morning. So I say goodby to every day trips to the WB and MB and move on to other parts of the river. But I gotta say this has been the best spring in a while the state did a great job and I thank them, why, I was walking away from the water yesterday I turned and there was rising fish on the WB maybe they were saying good bye.

Hibernation said...

Joseph, If you like little water consider the two streams south on 202 of WBSwift down into quabbin. They are known, so I'm not overly worried about them being pounded. But they should be perfect flow right now.

Ken - my sense is that next Wednesday perhaps the Millers will be good to fish... Maybe Monday, or Tuesday... But I have to think getting BD down below 400 to high manageable is several days out - especially if sunday - Tuesday leads to a pounding T storm.

I'm starting to think that this is going to be a Mid July rocks on that river kind of year - cool :)

Falsecast said...

Hi Joseph - I went to Umass and fished all of those rivers a lot 25 years ago. I caught a ton of big trout in the Mill River (Amherst, not Northampton) and the Fort I would wade downstream and catch stockers and wild brookies. For flat water Puffers Pond is loaded with fish as well as the Mill brook above it for brookies. You will deal with a lot of college kids there, but I've had great fun fishing dries there. Some of the brooks that dump into the Deerfield are good too. Hope it is helpful...

Ken - I am think of going to the EB as the Housy is just too dangerous still. What is the bug scene there? Any suggestions?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I've got to find and evening to hit the WB before you make them all gun shy.

I'll be contacting you about the Swift.


We could have a GREAT summer on the Millers!


March Browns and stoneflies but the real concern is the high water. Weighted fishs are needed.


Joe said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Will have to check all those out. I went to a small section of Cushman's brook on Ken's suggestion, and I had a wonderful time trying to suss out some of the fish in there. Got a couple of good brown trout out of there. Some big one's I missed too! As a warning to others that try it out, super bushy and full of poison ivy right now!


Millers River Flyfisher said...


Good to hear that you did well at Cushman Brook!