Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, October 15, 2007

Catskill Weekend - Millers Monday

I received a great birthday gift this past weekend in the form of a long weekend, courtesy of my girlfriend, at an inn on the banks of the fabled Willowemoc in Lingingston Manor up in the Catskills. It is hard to believe but I've never been there so I took three days to scout out the "Willow" and the legendary Beaverkill. I visited and took photos of those storied pools on the Beaverkill - the Junction Pool, Ferdon's, Hendrickson's, Cairns, Horse Run (awesome stretch), the Wagon Tracks and Painters Bend. I'll be back, hopefully next June, to fly fish this beautiful region especially the Willowemoc. It is such a beautiful stream!! Oh yeah, I managed to actually fish for an hour. No runs, no hits, no errors. The above photo is a stretch of the Willowemoc upstream from Livingston Manor.

Now, for a real report!! I managed to find myself on the Kempfield this late afternoon. I expected the same nymphing trout that have been driving us crazy of late and I wasn't disappointed. This time I was armed with plenty of BWO emergers in #18 and #20. I tied them a bit differently using only olive or brown thread for the body and then a dark olive thorax finnished with a poly wing post. As it happened I was greeted with a good BWO hatch. All told I took 11 browns. It was just a great autumn afternoon.


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