Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB
Fly Fishing The Millers - With over 30 years of fly fishing this river I will claim more knowledge and fish caught than anyone. There are over 40 miles of river and I will take you to the best sections and if you want to sections that never see another angler. Don't be fooled by those who say the Millers is a Spring and Fall river. I'll show you how to have great Summer action. The "EB of the Westfield" - Wild and beautiful is the only way to describe this river. There's a lot of water here but I know where to go to catch trout. After a trip you will too!! Solitude and trout IS the EB. The Swift - 20 trout days are not uncommon on this river if you know what to do and use. I'll show the way and you catch the trout. RATES - Full Day (6 hours) = $150.00 for one, $225 for two (lunch included). Half Day (three hours) $90.00 for one, $155.00 for two. Beginners Class - 3 hours ffor $90.00, all use of rods lines, reels included.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Late Season on the Millers-Fall on the Swift

Well, things are beginning to wind down. The great surface action of the past month and a half is becoming a memory. On the October 24 I got an hour in at Rezendes in the Bears Den. I was looking for rising trout but that hour before sundown failed me. Rollcast forward to Saturday the 27th. The forecast of heavy rain was dead on as I drove down to the Swift and the "pipe" section which is a favorite of mine. I met one other angler that morning who agreed that the rain would keep others off the river. "Yesterday I couldn't find a place to park because of the crowd" was his lament. We didn't lament for long. I caught 8 rainbows and he had about as many. A size #16 grouse and flash took half with the rest coming on a #16 dark olive beadhead. The new Orvis rain jacket worked as advertised. I was there for just less than three hours and wanted to spend the rest of the day there but obligations made me reel up and head for home. October 31 - One hour at the Kempfield in the very late afternoon. After seeing only one trout rise I put on a #8 marabou muddler and fished the rocks above the slow water. Bang! One 14 inch brown. Bang again and a parted tippet. Time to tie up some marabou muddlers and try this area again in November.

The Millers will begin to rise with the Autumn rains and the draw down from Tully Lake. It usually means an end to the great dry fly action that this river gives us in the Fall. Maybe it will be a bit late this year (hopefully). There's always the Swift to keep the diehards like me occupied till Spring.
The top left photo is of a rainbow from the Swift from last Saturday. The other is of "the pipe" with nobody there. I told you it was raining hard!!!


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