Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Favorite Millers Fly - The Moby Dick Wet

March 1st and another six inches of snow!! What to do? Tie flies, of course.
Maybe you've heard of the Moby Dick. A large nymph/small streamer that has proven to land a brown or two on the Millers. Personally, I liked the color combination but not the long shank nymph hook that it's tied on. I have a soft spot for the classic wet fly style of years ago so the next step was easy - a Moby Dick tied wet style. This fly works best in fast water and I've had good luck with it during the beginning of a caddis hatch. One guy that I guided took seven browns in an hour on the lower Millers one July evening. Sizes 12 and 14 work the best although I'm tempted to tie up some in a beefy #6 for some after dark fishing next summer.
Sorry for the photo quality.


David said...

I have been using this fly in the smaller sizes to fantastic effect on the Pemi .. fished just below the surface. Browns and brookies can't get enough of it.

Anonymous said...

This was my most productive fly in 2009 on the Pemi in NH. I just fished it this morning and landed a 18" salmon!