Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, March 10, 2008

The "Hot Spot": a great fly anywhere

Sorry for the photo but this is all you need to tie this great generalist fly. One contributor said that the name reminded him of some great Czech patterns and he was right. I've ditched the "shellback" portion to get to the basics that make this fly work. A dark body fore and aft with a band of yellow, white, red, orange or purple is all that it takes. That strong contrast of color is a beacon for hungry trout. Tie in a tail or hackle the head if you like but I believe it isn't necessary. On the Swift this fly is a proven killer whether or not you are at the "Y" pool or anywhere else. Size 16 or smaller will do the trick. Go larger this Spring on the Millers or on your favorite freestone. Here's the recipe:
Hook - size 12 and smaller. Body - dark ANYTHING. Band - yellow and white are proven on the Swift with orange, red and purple not far behind. If you add weight add it on the front of the fly. Yup, you can tie this as a beadhead but resist the temptation. It works very well as a fly instead of a "jig". Use a dry fly hook in shallow conditions (Swift). It's really become my "go to" fly this Fall and Winter on the Swift. I have all the faith needed to use this pattern once the Millers comes into it's own in late April. Hopefully sooner!!!


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