Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Swift River - a late winter afternoon

An odd weekend. Snow on Saturday (March 1st) which changed my schedule a bit. Early Sunday afternoon found me with an hour or so to spend at this local haunt. I got to the Swift at the "pipe" section at 2:15. Very little angling pressure at that time which was surprising. Maybe the morning crowd had come and gone as was evident from the tracks in the snow. Anyway, a size 16 "hot spot" took 9 rainbows in the hour that I was there. The "hot spot" is a great fly and I should post the tying instructions soon. Eight small 'bows but the one in the picture was between 14-15 inches. If you check the photo closely you'll see that the rod is a Fenwick GLASS rod purchased back in 1973 before graphite took command. This may be the perfect light tippet rod!! The slow action will help prevent a 8x tippet bust. I swear that I felt every take!!! This was my first "quality rod" that I purchased over thirtyfive years ago. I caught many trout with this stick until graphite made me change my ways. I think that the nature of glass may be better suited for Swift "nymphing" than fast graphite. It was also nice to add a few more trout to this rod's legacy. The Fenwick will be there on the next trip. I'll be easy to spot. I'll be the only one there with a fiberglass rod!

Don't wait until Spring. Fish the Swift now!!


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