Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Millers Season Starts NOW!!!!

I cast my first fly of '08 on the Millers tonight. Very windy conditions which made casting difficult but didn't stop the trout, all rainbows, from acting like browns as to their selectivity. Rising fish were chasing a small, dark caddis. It was a very random rise centered around the slack water on this part of the river. The first fish came to a #14 olive caddis, a chunky 'bow around 16 inches. There were a few missed hook ups before and after this fish. A fair flight of caddis began to show with a henderickson spinner or three in the mix. I had to leave early (7:30) so I decided to push the envelope and tied on a small, dark marabou streamer. This fly was allowed to simply drift in the current. The first streamer was broken off by a strong hit. The second streamer caught two good sized 'bows with two short hits mixed in. I shared this section with three other fly fishers - big water with plenty of room for everyone. Everyone caught fish!!

I was the first to leave (amasing). Two others (one was of the Harrison Team) went after rising fish in some great looking fast water. My friend Charlie was looking to equal his previous night's success which I was a witness to, standing on the shore without a rod or waders! I'm sure he did.

The water levels have dropped. I have reports of hendericksons just a mile or so below where we fished. Then there are the caddis - zillions of them. The browns go in over the next two weeks!!

It's time to fish the Millers!!!


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