Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fly Fishers Guide To The Millers River - It's Here!!

Do you want to know where to fly fish on the Millers River? Do you want over 20 years of experience and observations concerning locations, seasons, fly patterns and a boat load of practical advice dealing with this great trout fishery? If the answer is "YES" then let me sent you a copy of the "Fly Fishers Guide To The Millers River". This guide, which is over thirty pages long and has photos and maps of this river, will take the guess work out of planning a REAL trip on the Millers.

To receive the guide just send a check for $10.00 to: Ken Elmer, 121 Pleasant St, Athol, Ma. 01331 AND your email address. As soon as you send the request I'll email you the guide which you can print out. Many have already and they are enjoying fly fishing on the Millers River.


P.S. This river is HOT right now. Great hatches and great catches!!!!

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