Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday Evening

Like everyone I had a lot of obligations for Mothers Day that had to be done. I didn't think that any time would be available to cast upon the Millers but as things turned out I got a slight window (1.75 hours) to visit this river. So I made my way down to a section that worked well for me two weeks ago. The water was high due to some crazy fluctuations from the dam operators but I still made it out to a few favorite runs. The first hour was spent fishing close to shore until I braved the current and made it out to a favorite run. Three good sized rainbows came to the net. The fly was a size 8 wb fished deep with a high stick technique. Time flew bye and I could of stayed much longer but one more visit remainded.

This section was not stocked with the browns that I crave. Next time they will be my objective. This one section is not fished by many anglers regardless of their equipment. It's the section just below the dam in Orange. It's a great section to teach a novice the basics about fly fishing. A great riffle that smoothes out to some nice fish holding areas! Watch out for the change in current. Check my link to the Millers-Erving area to see what I mean.

Next trip will be to the lower C&R to play with the browns!


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