Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Millers Report - The Heat Wave

On June 6th the air temperature was 59 degrees in the early evening and I had great dry fly action in the Bears Den. 24 hours later the temperature was 89 and I caught six browns at the tail of Rezendes Pool. Forward cast to last night, June 11th. The heat had broken but my total was one brown in one hour of fishing. Did our first heat wave kill off the trout? No way! They are just "down" like we were during that spell. Tonight the temps will be in the mid 50's which will get them active again but only early in the morning or at dusk. It's the way it's been on this river for the 20+ years that I've been fishing it. Summer is here and the game has changed. If you want "bankers hours" angling then go to the Swift or the Deerfield but hit the Millers on the way home. That's when the browns start playing!!

Off to Plum Island for a week of chasing stripers, eating lobster, drinking wine, beachcombing and generally forgetting that I actually work for a living. Don't forget to carry those olive soft hackles when you hit the Millers. Have some sulphers in sizes 14-16 too.



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Ernie said...

On June 7, I found someone's extra spool below the route 2 bridge. If its owner emails with a description I would be happy to get it to them.


PS: Great work on this blog. I really enjoy it.