Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July

The Kempfield Pool was devoid of fly fishers as I began to look for rising trout. An odd fly, tied with no body with just a bronze mallard wing and a tight collar of light blue hen hackle was the fly of choice. My friend Kim, a local fish hawk, gave it to me. He knows his "stuff" and that was good enough for me. First, this fly is designed to sink but the first ten casts and the first two trout (browns) liked it on the surface. Both of these fish were between 14 and 16 inches. Then a rainbow made its appearance. (see photo) It's late for rainbows on this river but the water is still high and that's helping them.
Soon I saw a rise or should I say an "explosion"! It occured between two rocks that were just beginning to break the surface. This fish, most likely a large brown, would rise only every ten minutes or so. I threw everything at it from every angle. No runs, no hits, no errors but no fish. One more brown was caught a few yards above this fish but that was the evening.
Some advice when fishing the Kempfield Pool. Fish the areas above any rocks that break the surface.


Anonymous said...

Ken : Another wonderful posting.
I hope to soon receive my purchased "Millers River" information that you offered for sale, so that I may also find the "Kempfield Pool" , etc.
Please do send it along, or email me my copy, thanks.

Rick Mitchell

Ken said...


I've sent you the "Guide" three times in the last 10 days as an email attachment. Check your junk mail or spam folders to see if it's in there.

Email me w/your phone number so we can fix this.