Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just When Things Got Good.....

As you know, I had a great evening on the Millers over the Labor Day weekend chasing skinny water browns with dry flies and from the emails I received I wasn't the only one having fun. That fun lasted until this past Saturday when Hanna blew through and raised the water level by a factor of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, Sunday morning found me on the reliable Swift where I scored a hat trick by taking three species of trout - 11 rainbows, two brookies and a brown. They fell to an assortment of sunken flies ranging from hotspots to scud patterns. The rainbows had a great color to them and were certainly not freshly stocked fish but the brookies were beyond words!! The only thing that beats a sugar maple in full Fall color is a brookie in spawning garb. They were almost there!! Yes, I should of brought my camera.

Took a side trip last week to the Westfield Gorge C&R. This place has the reputation of not holding up too well in the summer but this wet July must have helped carry the rainbows over. I fished a dry caddis through some shallow riffles and the 'bows just attacked that fly. I'll be back there once the waters receed.

Keep an eye on the Millers. (use the link on this blog) Once the river hits 450cfs drop everything and go fly fishing.


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