Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Westfield And The Millers

I've spent some time as of late on the East Branch of the Westfield fishing the "Gorge" section. This place has been a surprise - great dry fly fishing through the pocket water of this wild and beautiful river. The flies have been bushy caddis, high floating with light colored deer hair for visibility and the rainbows attack them!! There has been the story that this river gets too warm to fish through the summer. This summer, with all the rain, made great conditions for the rivers' rainbows. I now live 15 minutes from this spot so it will be visited many times over.

The Millers - Be careful what you wish for. I wished for a rainy summer to keep the water level up and my prayers were answered x 5!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday the water level made it down below 500 cfs so I worked the Kempfield section and landed 7 browns and broke another off. The last 3 chased my dry caddis fly. There was no real steady rise due to the water which is still high but one could see the occasional surfacing trout and that fish would become my target.

Let's hope that the next 4 to 6 weeks are dry to keep the river fishable.

See you there.



Gerry said...

Hi Ken,
Great reports! Can you tell me where the Kempfield Section is? I have fished Bearsden, Wendell Depot, Erving and Farley Flats, but not sure where Kempfield is.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Hey Gerry,

The Kempfield Run is at Wendell Depot. It's the section that starts at the railroad trestle below the rt2 bridge, runs through a long, curving run and ends in a long slow pool. The real action starts at that curving run. Approach from the north side of the river. If you approach from the south side, via a power substation, you are on the wrong side. My Guide to Flyfishing the Millers has all the info you need.


Anonymous said...

Ken: Used your guide on Sunday to find , and fish Buckman's Run, Rezendes Pool, and the other two runs. What a treasure map!
Magnificent country that I would never have found, seen or fished without your guide. Its a priceless aid.