Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Crib Dam On The Swift

It seems that most fly fishers that make the trip to the Swift will either head for the "Y" Pool area or the "Hatchery Pipe". I am guilty of hitting the latter more often then not but there are times when the crowds, which will include some flyfishing classes, become just a bit too much. That's when I hit the "Crib Dam" (some call it the Iceman Dam) for some elbow room and great fishing.
It can be easily reached by parking in the Pipe parking lot and heading straight for the gauge structure. You can make out the dam which lies a 100 yds or so upstream. Cross the river at this point (water level permitting) and make your way upstream because it's best fished from the opposite bank.
The pool above the dam ALWAYS holds rising fish but its the broken water below the dam where I've had the most success. You can fish all the way down to the hatchery intake and usually have all of it to yourself. After that you can always check for a vacancy below the pipe!!
The photo above shows the approach to the crib dam from below. Good water!!!


Gerry said...

In the pool above the crib dam my buddies and I often take turns spotting for each other when casting to the rising fish. I enjoy spotting as much as casting. When you are standing in the water on the far side of the river, it is real hard to see the fish. From high above,you can see every fin-twitch.
this summer we had pretty good success fishing the runs down below Cady Lane. I think the fish get less pressure and are more willing to rise to a fly. Haven't been down there in a few months.

rick said...

Ken: As always, thanks for the advice and report updates. Would you kindly identify which / where the "pipe" parking lot is?
Any street or landmark info would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

From the looks of this photo the flows must have been up pretty good that day. The "crib dam" as you call it, is usually my take out point. One tip I might suggest... fish the Swift working upriver-not down. Start just above the hatchery pipe and fish upriver. I think you'll find your fish-catch ratio improve dramatically.