Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "Gorge Section" Of The Westfield River

The "Gorge" section of the Westfield River! This is an incredible place to get away from it all and fish in a beautiful, remote place that is easily within the idea of a "day trip" in Massachusetts. The photos in this post were taken during a 4 mile hike through the C&R section of the "Gorge" on a September Saturday where I took photos of the ONLY fishermenn that I saw. (I did the same trip two years ago during a weekend in May and saw just a few more anglers). I saw countless runs and pools that were EMPTY of fishermen during this long walk. The long walk was on a dirt road that ran along the river that gave easy access to anywhere along the river. It is the only road that you will see!! If you are a vetern of TU's "Indian Hollow" weekends you might be interested to know that
all of this water is ABOVE the area that you will commonly fish on that occasion. So much water!!!!!
I moved to this area in July and have been slogging around trying to find a spot that looked good. So far I haven't been skunked!! There are plenty of trout around and although I've heard word that the fishing dies off during the summer months I am inclined to not believe it. There are enough deep holding areas that will provide refuge for trout. A prolonged drought might change this but that is the case for most freestone streams. The morning sun arrives late and the afternoon shadows come early to this river section. It is TROUT LAND!!
Everything will work here from WB's to small BWO's. Just have a good assortment of freestone flies and you will be set regardless of the season.
HOW GET THERE - Take Rt9 out of Northampton, through Williamsburg, to Rt 143. Go uphill to Chesterfield and then go downhill to a bridge over the Westfield River. Take the left after the bridge and then look for a sign for the "Westfield River Gorge" on the left. Take that left. Go past the TRUSTEES OF RESERVATIONS" parking lot and follow the dirt road (be careful of road conditions). You will find a number of TURNOFFS for the next two miles until you come to a gate. Any of these turnoffs are adjacent to great pools and runs. Beyond the gate are more great pools and runs. Knock yourself out here, guys!! This place is Great!!
Remember, the "Gorge" Section is just a piece of the "East Branch" which does not include the upper section which includes the "Pork Barrel". I haven't mentioned the "Middle Branch" or the "West Branch" or the "Main River" which all of the previous mentioned sections flow into. I think one could say "give me the Gorge on a June evening and you can have the rest of the world - I won't need it!" (I lifted the last statement from someone who years ago said the same thing about the Beaverkill River in May).
BTW, the LADY in the second photo is my girlfriend who caught her first fly caught trout on the Swift River late this summer. She did well on the Westfield on the day this picture was taken. I think she's hooked!!
Happy Thanksgiving,

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