Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, November 3, 2008

High Water= Go To The Swift

I made two trips to the Swift over the last seven days for one simple and now redundant reason- the rains blew out the Millers and the Westfield. This past saturdays' trip was interesting. I got down to the "pipe" at 7am and found myself alone for over an hour. By 9:30 I had company but it wasn't too crowded and the group was pretty cordial. All told I hooked 14 and landed 5. I started with #14 and #16 scuds and ended up chasing those famous reluctant risers who appeared to be chasing some emerging grey midges. My smallest fly was a #22 and I wished that I had some #26 or smaller because the response to the #22 was so-so to say the least. In any event it was a good day which ended with a large 'bow in the fast water below the crib dam just upstream on a hot pink SJW.

The Millers is still running in the 500cfs range - good for slinging WBs' but not for the surface action that I'm still looking for. The East Branch of the Westfield (Gorge) has come down nicely and that may be worth a trip soon. I REALLY LIKE THAT RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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