Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Millers Bivisible

This fly worked well for me on the Millers last Summer and did equally as well on the Westfield through the Fall. It was the "secret fly" that I promised to unveil in a future post but never got around to until now. So here it is.

The bivisible style works very well when you are picking your way through pocket water or any fast water situation that will sink a normal dry fly. In fact this fly, with it's palmered hackle and hair wing, is pretty much unsinkable. What does it represent? All of that hackle gives the impression of "wing movement" which makes it a good imitation of a buzzing caddis. Anyway, it works and here is how to tie it:

Hook - dry fly, sizes 12 through 16
Tail - brown hackle fibers
Body - grey or tan dubbing
Rear Hackle - dun colored hackle palmered from rear to just behind the wing
Front Hackle - brown hackle rear and front of wing
Wing - elk for larger sizes, fine deer hair for the smaller. I like a natural color.

I've also caught browns in the flat, calm water of Rezendes Pool with this fly although it really shines in riffles and pockets.


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