Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Visit To The Farmington

Trout Fever is driving me crazy!!! The Millers is weeks away from being fishable and the Swift is running close to 600 cfs. What's a flyfisher to do? HIT THE FARMINGTON RIVER!!! I took a drive with my girlfriend to the village of Pleasant Valley, Ct. on Saturday, March 7 to check the place out, namely the fabled Church Pool. That was all that it took. I spent the next week waiting for Saturday to roll around, tying early black caddis and BWO emergers to add to the arsenal. Finally, I found myself waist deep in the slow water of the lower Church Pool yesterday morning at 9am. There were probably a dozen flyfishers spotted in the three hours that I was there with only four trout caught between them during that time. Most were working the surface imitating the dark winter caddis or the occasional BWO that floated by. I had one trout chase my caddis and it must of been my winter slowed reflexes that let it get away.
The Farmington is a great river and although I've had better results on this stream in the past it was just nice to be basking in the early Spring sun while working my fly rod.


Gerry said...

I envy you! How was the water level? Did you venture beyond the Church Pool? I plan to head down there on Wednesday and will give a report on FFNE. Gerry

Millers River Flyfisher said...


The water level was very fishable. I met a regular from the Swift who was chased away by that river's water level.

Ice in the guides until 10am. Lots of winter caddis, very few rising fish. I worked only the Church Pool. You should have some action with all this warm weather.

Good Luck - Ken

Anonymous said...

I've heard lots of great things about this river. looking forward to checking it out this summer.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

This may be the most productive trout river in New England. I always look forward to my short camping trip to the austin campground each summer. Nothing but flyfishing for smart browns from dawn to dusk!!