Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB
Fly Fishing The Millers - With over 30 years of fly fishing this river I will claim more knowledge and fish caught than anyone. There are over 40 miles of river and I will take you to the best sections and if you want to sections that never see another angler. Don't be fooled by those who say the Millers is a Spring and Fall river. I'll show you how to have great Summer action. The "EB of the Westfield" - Wild and beautiful is the only way to describe this river. There's a lot of water here but I know where to go to catch trout. After a trip you will too!! Solitude and trout IS the EB. The Swift - 20 trout days are not uncommon on this river if you know what to do and use. I'll show the way and you catch the trout. RATES - Full Day (6 hours) = $150.00 for one, $225 for two (lunch included). Half Day (three hours) $90.00 for one, $155.00 for two. Beginners Class - 3 hours ffor $90.00, all use of rods lines, reels included.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thank God For The East Branch!!

Sunday morning, 6:30am - the Millers is at 2580cfs and RISING (that breaks the record of 1700cfs for this date set last year). The Swift is at 455 and RISING. The East Branch of the Westfield is at 535 and DROPPING!!!!. So off I go to the "Gorge" section of the EB hoping for some wadable water. What I found surprised me. 535cfs isn't that bad for this section of the river. The 'bows seemed to agree because they were working the surface, not in a steady rising fashion but at a pace that kept me interested enough to stay for two hours. I took six, all on a large cream comparadun that matched what was flying off the waters surface. The EB isn't golden drake water but that large mayfly sure looked like one.

The above photo is of the Quabbin spillway at noon, Friday the 24th. If you like high water then the Swift will be your place for the next three weeks. Ditto for the Millers. It would be REALLY NICE to see a break in this rain. I thought last summer was bad but this summer owns the record books.

The Westfield rises quickly but falls quickly. You know where to go for a flyfishing fix!!



Jackson said...

i've read in a couple different places that the westfield has a variety of drakes including Golden, Green and Isonychia. Whether the hatches are actually that good i dont know. Thanks for the report on the river though. I wouldnt have thought it would be that fishable.. i'll have to check it out.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

It has great isonychia hatches but I haven't seen the goldens or the greens on a river like that.

Isonychia - I missed some great activity late last August with that insect. Lots of casings on the rocks but no surface activity. On the Millers this fly has a spinner fall at dark in mid August, the same as the Westfield.


Anonymous said...

I was in the Gorge late Saturday afternoon, and though the flow was ripping, the softer spots were fishable. Unfortunately no takers on anything, bottom, emergers, or drys on top. Same thing at the Indian Hollow camp ground, though that seemed to be running a bit faster than the Gorge (fewer boulders to create pockets ?).

Ken are you using the Knightsville cfs data to report on the Gorge, or is there a better gauge?
Is the Westfield now predominantly an early morning, and sundown show?


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Rick - I use the Knightsville data because it's the only gauge on the east branch. It reflects the current flow except during flood conditions.

All New England freestone rivers (those lacking a bottom release from a dam) become early morning/evening trout fisheries through July and August. That is the rule of thumb and the Westfield and Millers are included in that group.