Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Three Westfield Trips And A "New Spot"

The East Branch never fails me. On September 29 I took a quick trip to the Bliss Pool and it was really a quick trip. One hour was spent casting an Isonychia dry and that fly drove six trout to the surface where three were landed. The two browns looked like they were new to the river but the rainbow was dark and red, a beautiful fish. On October 1st I guided a fellow in the late afternoon and we repeated the score from Tuesday - two browns which rose to a caddis an a 'bow which grabbed a bugger as darkness fell. Not too bad!!

But I've had mind mind on some "new water", at least new to me. In August I took a drive to the the Middle Branch above Littleville Lake to check this place out. The lake has a good population of browns I am told which feast on the smelt which populate that body of water. Browns spawn in the Fall and it seemed logical that they would run up the Middle Branch if water conditions are right. Well, we had a rainy Saturday an an early Sunday morning look at the online gauge showed an increased flow. Off I went.

The Middle Branch is a beautiful place and I spent a few hours casting egg patterns and a few streamers over all the likely spots. I'd like to say that a 4lb brown came to the net but I'd be telling a tall tale. I caught nothing and saw the same but the misty morning light coupled with the early Fall colors made it all with while.

I'm sure that there is some kind of run up from the lake and I'll be back. I can see it now - A cloudy day after a heavy rain in early November. My little marabou ghost, swinging through the current, suddenly STOPS!

That's what we live for, right??



brooktrout said...

Flows were fairly low Friday. If it's been stocked then it was a VERY light stocking. Fished alot of the river from top to bottom and ended up with 3 'bows and a small brookie. BWO's, small caddis, whiteflies and even a few large stonies were present.

Kate said...

I was skunked out on the Millers by Wendell Depot today. I fished streamers for a couple hours, then a consistent hatch of a small grey mayfly came off as the sun came out. I didn't have anything that small. No fish rising all day though. Gorgeous day, I was the only one there.

Anonymous said...

I've caught many trout from Littleville lake and its inlet (the middle branch) over quite a few years. I can't remember a single brown in the mix.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Well, I'm still dreaming about browns there this Fall. Hopefully....

bobo said...

Wondering if anyone has heard of browns coming up the Farmington from Colebrook Reservoir?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken.
Jan P here. Linda and I were out at the Millers at Wendell yesterday. Beautiful day, hatches were unbelivable , all sizes, mayflies, caddis, midges...everything was in the air and also a prolific spinner fall. NO SURFACE action! We could not believe it. We were throwing everything, floating and sinking.
They were down there I am sure laughing at us.
It was a beautiful afternoon/eve..we were there until dark.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Nice to hear from you again. I'll be hitting the Millers this afternoon. I'll see if I can "fix" things!

Anonymous said...

How was the Miller's today? I was thinking of heading out tomorrow Sunday?
Love your blog!!

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Hmm.... I'll post about that tomorrow.

Shad said...

I just wanted to thank you for this site and the info you pass. Made it out to the Westfield today for the first time. Great day, 5 fish, not one under 14 inches with the biggest near 20. Got a few of them on your "two toned" nymph.