Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wild Morning On The East Branch!

The flows seemed a bit high but still manageable so off I headed to the East Branch of the Westfield. On the drive to the Gorge I kept noticing the wind and even had a branch come down and hit the roof of my car just before I turned onto the dirt access road. I parked my car just past the Bliss turnoff and noticed that the limb that hit my vehicle left a "bing" on my roof. While suiting up I met a hiker with his dog. We said "hi" and I was then off to the river. THE WIND!!!!!! It took 20 feet of my 5wt line and had it flapping in the air like a skinny flag. It was hardly a good omen. One 12 inch rainbow fell to the heavy stonefly nymph before I called it a day after only an hour. That's when the fun started. I drove back up the road and when I came to the second turn-off my way was blocked by a MONSTER OAK that had been blown down taking three other fir trees with it. This was an event that I had thought about while driving out of this place during summer thundersorms and now it finally happened!!! What to do?? There's no cell service here and I thought of the walk out to find a house where I could make a call to the Chesterfield Police for some assistance. But what help could I get on a weekend in this small town? It was then that I saw the yellow DPW truck coming down the road. "We had a call" was what the driver said. One look at the massive tree brought this response, "I'll have to get the backhoe, be back in 30 minutes". 30 minutes later a truck arrived with a backhoe right behind. Chainsaws and mechanical brute force made quick work of this "tree slide".

"Thank You" to the Chesterfield DPW who cleared the way. They were good guys and they were very good natured about it. Who called them? I bet it was the hiker with the dog. "THANK YOU" who ever you are!!

I'll be back but I'll keep an eye on the wind going forward! That "bing" on my car's roof seems like a small concern right now!



Cluster said...

wow thats some serious lumber!! im surprised you didnt hear it coming down. I fished last weekend at the bliss pool as well as the beaver pool with nothing but a brief hook up and long range release. Didnt even get to see the fish. The water was running at close to 500 cfs though and was very muddy. i'll be sticking to the swift at this point i think. Ive taken 3 short trips there the past week and have been able to land a few fish on each outting.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I wanted to try the EB before the snow falls which will be soon. I'm just glad that it happened during daylight hours instead of 9pm in the summer. In any event the wind was horrible making casting a chore and not a pleasure. I was lucky to catch that one 'bow.

Yup, it's the Swift for me right now or maybe I'll use up my "cheap" 2009 non-resident CT. license!!


Anonymous said...

I fished the EB this morning, and noticed that newly fallen tree that wasnt there on friday. Which pool do you consider bliss pool? the one on the river next to the "bliss forest sign"?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Yes, that's the Bliss Pool. Wish I was there this morning. About a 100cfs LESS flow and very light WIND!


BobO said...

You're living right Ken...having the DPW meet you at the crossed road. You could have been severely delayed instead of inconvenienced.

jdw3rd said...

Wild Morning on The East Branch:

There are two access points into the lower end of The Gorge off of Rt 112. Old Worthington Rd. is the old main road and dips off of Rt 112 in a "U" of about 2 miles. Mid way between the south and north ends of Old Worthington Rd. is the turn onto the road which follows the river up to the barrier gate at the downstream end of the C&R. From your picture I know you're on the north end of Old Worthington Rd. If you reverse direction you'll come out on Rt 112 just to the north of the 112 bridge that crosses The Westfield and immediatly south of the Rt 112 scenic overlook.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.