Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Swift On A Cold Sunday Morning

Yahoo Weather said that it was 9 degrees in Amherst at 7am. It was 9 degrees EVERYWHERE! But at 8:30 the water at the pipe didn't feel so bad ( only 42 degrees) and I was the only one there at the "pipe". I had to get out there, get my waders wet and feel that drifting fly at the end of my leader. I was dressed for the weather and was ready to go and the thought of NOT going was too much to bare.

It was "fly guessing time". What to use? After a little self imposed deliberation I chose a size 18 serendipity and that was all that was needed. In the two plus hours there I took 13 'bows. The "dark" fish were sluggish, the one or two "bright" fish fought like hell. Another regular showed up towards the end and we had fun gabbing about water levels, why some don't catch fish, the Farmington all the while playing with the 'bows.

I like the Swift especially when the sulphurs are popping up on a late June evening with water levels being "just right". The Swift has a job to do: keeping me involved and happy during these dark months. I have to admit that my mind drifted to those perfect days on the Millers and the EB when everything is the way it should be, at least in my day dreams. Until then I'll be bundled and layered up on the Swift, working my favorite tiny flies and dreaming of Hendricksons.

This may not be the last post of the year but if it is I wish all of you a great and wonderful Christmas Season. Many of you have responded in the past year with some very nice things to say and I appreciate all of it.

May next season be the best season for all!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken for all of the posts over the last few years. And the best to you and yours this season.

BTW, what color was that serendipity?


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Thank you Bill!!

Red was the color.

Good Luck,


Anonymous said...

And what size?

Anonymous said...

WHOOPS...nevermind...i re-read the post...size 18

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Yup, size 18 although I think that size 16 would of worked as well. I only had the size 18 with me so that was the fly. There were a lot of fish in the stretch from the pipe down to the fallen tree and all of them it took the serendipity. They were on-and-off active this morning. Fast action and then not so fast. It was a good morning anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you have thawed out by now. Way to freakin' cold for my liking...

I have to admit, after reading your posts, I wish the Miller's and Swift were a closer to my house. But I'll have to stick to the Pemi and Newfound Rivers in NH... But I may have to make a couple runs next year down there to give it a try.

Happy Holidays and tight lines.

Joseph said...

Thanks for a great year of information and reading. You and I fish many of the same rivers. I look forward to the day I can thank you in person. Have a great holiday.


BobO said...

Interesting that although 9F in Amherst it was 42F at the pipe. Moderating river flow. Had I considered that, I probably would have seen you there. Thanks for the great report, as usual. Keep the the good work. I wish you and your family all the best for the holidays.
Merry Christmas.

Cluster said...

whats your favorite hendrickson dun pattern Ken?

Andrew said...

Happy Holidays Ken! Great site and I look forward to following your posts next year.

I had success freezing and fishing that stretch with a blood midge, size 22 on the bottom.


Millers River Flyfisher said...


My favorite hendrickson dun pattern is the one I've worked on this Fall. It looks very realistic on the water as did the spinner pattern. It's a change of construction from the traditional pattern and if it works I'll adapt other patterns to it.

I won't say what it looks like unless it works!!


They like that red color!!!