Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring On The Swift - Days 2, 3, and 4

Four straight days of fly fishing the only water in Massachusetts (maybe New England) that's fit for fly fishing! The Swift has been spared the floods that have blown out every trout stream within a days drive. At 200cfs the section below rt 9 (the pipe) is still fishable if one fishes deep enough. I fished that section and above rt 9 and I have had four very good days. Size 18 through size 22 in hotspots and tiny jailbirds (maybe I should call them "jailbaits" at that size) worked very well on 6x early in the AM and 7x when the sun was out above rt 9. Most of the anglers that I saw were plying the Y Pool and I believe that they took some trout. Word has it that smelt patterns were taking, or showed some interest to, the Y Pool trout. I fished differently and had a ball!!!

The hotspot worked well today with a red middle section showing the most interest. Frankly, I now believe that "hot" patterns cool off quickly in the water that I was fishing. I think that the trout just see too much of one pattern and it will take another, of similar size, to continually fool them.

Soon our favorite rivers will recede and we will start dreaming of Hendricksons! Until then It's the Swift!!


Bob O said...

You picked four days of beautiful weather to fish. I too have found that fish quickly seem to tune out a pattern, and need something new to renew their interest. Whether a hot spot, jailbird, zebra, or little white larva - variety is the spice. Glad to hear smelts are coming over.
I like at times to fish the faster current where the spillway makes its final tumble into the Y pool. Smelts are just the thing for that current.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I fished that "final tumble" once last year without success BUT that is where the SALMON will be!!! Good Luck!!


Bob O said...

The tree across the bubbler in photo #1 is gone - to my dismay - washed at an angle downstream. Too bad, that had been a nice break and riffle. Now the water is pretty much flat from top to bottom.
Constant change is here to stay.

coltranem said...

Ken...thanks for the post...I need to make a trip out to the swift...I keep saying I will do I got an urge to try tying up some of your "hot-spots" and really make the trip...maybe this week.