Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Swift Is Normal (?) Again

It's been a busy week but not on the fly fishing scene. Work, family and thunderstorms canceled out my planned trips to the local waters. On the 21st I fished the "Pipe" section with the flow around 100cfs. By Thursday it had dropped to 38cfs which is about a bit below normal but ok. Sunday I guided on this section. We had great low flow, a 54 degree water temperature and ONE OTHER FLY FISHER!!! The reasons: High water for the last two months have scattered the trout(maybe)or the hardware guys fished them out (maybe again). The trout were certainly there but in less numbers than before. We had some on. The "one other fly fisher" floated the theory that with the end of the hardware season on 7/1 the DFW will bless us with a summertime stocking. Let's hope so.

Now, for a great story. The "one other fly fisher" hooked a large 'bow (20inch) about 30 feet below the pipe. The fish tore off downstream and then went flying upstream, dragging the fly fisher with him. Up PAST the pump house the bow went with his angler in tow. The last I saw of them was as they rounded the bend in the stream, at least 150 yards+ from the spot of the strike.

Maybe a foul hook but entertaining anyway!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,
Since I live close to the Quinnebaug, i end up fishing there a lot. Some times if i don't have the opportunity to fish, I'll at least check out the river (usually dawn or dusk)to see whats hatching. The stocked rainbows and browns usually survive well after bait people lose interest (but it seems fish density is not that great). One peculiar thing this year, is that there are almost no rises, even early morning or sundown. A few times I have stayed well past sundown, and have seen the space over the water dense with mayflys (cream cahills recently i think) and caddis (always caddis during the day too). I always turn rocks over and use the net to take samples from the bottom, and there is always a ton of little nymphs and big stone flys. Any guess as to why the dry fly fishing is so bad?? Sorry for the long post for a short question-Cliff

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I know of one angler who fishes that river and states the same thing as you during the Hendrickson hatch, but only then. There was a season about five years ago where the same thing happened on the Millers until mid July and then things straightened out.

You have the insects and the trout are there. Hopefully things will improve.

Cluster said...


Fishing was pretty tough on sunday. Only landed two fish and lost one or two. Both fish were big boys pushing 19-20" caught in the y pool... one on a sulphur dun and one on a midge pupa. Sulphur hatch was pretty good up there but the fish were very particular. The guy I was fishing with was trying every sulphur he had and was having trouble getting them to bite. Rising was pretty regular. Alot of the nymphs I rely on weren't doing the trick. I was pretty bummed they had dropped the water so low. I really prefer this stream at just under 200cfs. I'll continue to fish it though. Keep working on my dry fly game.