Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Past Weekend On The EB

The EB of the Westfield was my place this weekend. Summer is here and with it comes a change in tactics. You can fish during banking hours or you can fish in the evening or early morning if you want to catch trout. Both times worked for me. I was there on the evening of June 19th. A "new" spot just below the final gate yielded a good time but no trout. Upstream, at the Slant Rock Pool, brought one brown and a few misses to my dry fly offering. Then came the Bliss Pool . Browns and 'bows came to a #16 olive emmerger which made a nice end to the evening.

Sunday morning I set the alarm for 4:30am but managed to "sleep in" - a major error. I like being the first at the Swift! I goofed, pure and simple. So off to the EB I went to salvage a few hours. My two hours were well spent at Slant Rock and at the Bliss. Browns and 'Bows were working the surface between 8 and 10am. I caught a bunch!!!! Basically any olive dun/emmerger in size 16 did the trick. Water temperature was around 70 in the evening and around 55 in the morning. This was great fly fishing!!!

Went to the "pipe" on the Swift on Monday evening ( 6/21). STRUCK OUT in two hours. Took a water temperature and it read 64 degrees. So I ask: just a bad outing for me or are we in the doldrums for this spot?

I can honestly say that Summer Fly Fishing is may favorite time to cast a fly to eager trout. It's the most exciting form of fly fishing. On the Millers and the EB of the Westfield it lasts all Summer!!



Anonymous said...

I guess that you are saying that evenings are the best time on this river?

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Yup, evenings and early morning during the height of Summer are the best times on freestone rivers.

Bob O said...

Good to meet you on the Swift last Wednesday. How did you make out above the pipe toward the gaging station?

They began to rise a little toward evening. I only took one subsurface on a #16 Caddis pupa. I saw no one else take a fish.