Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Swift - 8/26 through 8/29

The 122cfs flow fell like a rock on this Thursday afternoon. A 7:am check read 112cfs but at noon the flow was shut down to the 45cfs level and that was the story for the "pipe" section. Where were the trout?? They were there!! I took 13 below the pipe using scud patterns with and without a bead head. These fish were BIG, dark colored bows.

Sunday morning, 8/29 - I'm the only one there from 7am until 8:45am. I took 10 using a size 14 flashback scud with a micro-shot about a foot above the fly. It was heaven!! By 10AM I had 5 fly fishers working this area so I took a look upstream. Just across from the intake I saw rising trout. The place was alive with rising brookies, all small, but RISING!! I took 7 of these beautiful fish on size 18 dries. All of the brookies were between 6 and 9 inches but they made the morning for me!! My 4wt seemed heavy for these guys. The 3wt was in the car, the 2wt bamboo was back home. Go with what you have!!

The Swift is a special place. Cold water, an good flow (60CFS would be PERFECT) and lots of trout that are wise to us fly fishers!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Swift - 8/21 Through Now

It was strange to find myself at the "Pipe", at 10:30am on a weekend morning, and find NOBODY THERE!! The trout were there, maybe not in the numbers of seasons past, but they were there and the few souls who ventured there caught fish. The 'bows were old timers, nice and dark, as was the tiny five inch brown that also came to the net. I took five, two on hot spots and three on hoppers (yes!!).

Bondsville had me dualing with some very selective fish last Friday evening. Rainbows and brookies were working the surface but I could only manage three fish. The rest kept me puzzled. A rise here, a rise there but nothing chasing the sparse mayfly hatch that was in the air. In any event it was fun.

I'm still praying for rain to bring the Millers back to normal. September is approaching and that is my favorite month on that river.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plum Island Strpers And Blues

It was a much need break from the drought and heat that has blasted the trout fishing scene through much of New England. It had been two years since I took out the 8wt or tied up anything larger than a size 4 but I did just that to prep myself for a week at Plum Island. I had some good early morning tide changes to play with which would leave the rest of the day to spend with my other half. Not a bad deal!!

The first thing that I wanted to do was catch a blue for the grill. That was easy and it was delicious. The second thing was to break the 28 inch striped bass barrier, a feat that I hadn't accomplished in 15 years. That wasn't easy! This shore bound angler got as close as 24 inches with one of the two bass that I landed. That's when blog reader Jim Chase came to the rescue.

Jim, by the way, is a Plum Island resident and had read that I was staying there. He called me and extended an invitation to get "on the water". Invitation accepted!! At 5:15AM we were heading down to the mouth of the Merrimack in Jim's 21 footer. The next four hours were pretty good if you like catching striped bass!!

A few notes must be made:

1. Jim knows what he's doing. His 10wt and large flies resulted in 15+ fish in the 24 to 36 inch range.

2. My 8wt was not up to the task of throwing the large flies (rambos) or fighting the wind. Note to self: invest in a heavier option!!

3. I had forgotten that my backing was a goofy yellow color. I saw my backing on a number of runs. Thanks Jim!

4. I have no "sea legs".

5. I still managed to cast well enough to take 5 bass. The 28 inch barrier was broken!!! Thanks again Jim!!

I'm back home in Northampton where I plan to hit the lower Swift in a day or so. I've noticed that this Bondsville section is now being mentioned on various blogs and forums which I think is a good thing. I'm also scouring the internet for a 10wt set up which will not break the bank. That will be a good thing too!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

July - A Review

It may have been the hottest and driest July on record or at least it was in my memory. I've always said that heat by itself is not the culprit in slamming trout streams but that drought is the main enemy. 2006 is a good example - very hot BUT very wet and the fishing held up on the Millers. This year is another story. The photo of the lone fly fisher was taken on July 31 from the bridge on Bridge St. looking downstream. Too much exposed stream bed for my taste. Pray for rain!!

The EB - I'm waiting for a good deluge here too.

And that leaves the Swift, especially the Bondsville section that has been a pleasant surprise. With the exception of today (8/1) I've caught trout on every outing. The dry fly fishing has been great. I don't know what's up with the flow on this river which has seen levels of 38cfs 115cfs, 55cfs, 38cfs, and now 110cfs over the past three weeks. I'm not complaining. It's COLD water and there's plenty of it.

On August 7th I head to Plum Island for a week of striper chasing. Maybe my week at the beach will end the drought!! I'll squeeze in a trip or two this week in the evening. Maybe the EB!!