Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Swift - 8/26 through 8/29

The 122cfs flow fell like a rock on this Thursday afternoon. A 7:am check read 112cfs but at noon the flow was shut down to the 45cfs level and that was the story for the "pipe" section. Where were the trout?? They were there!! I took 13 below the pipe using scud patterns with and without a bead head. These fish were BIG, dark colored bows.

Sunday morning, 8/29 - I'm the only one there from 7am until 8:45am. I took 10 using a size 14 flashback scud with a micro-shot about a foot above the fly. It was heaven!! By 10AM I had 5 fly fishers working this area so I took a look upstream. Just across from the intake I saw rising trout. The place was alive with rising brookies, all small, but RISING!! I took 7 of these beautiful fish on size 18 dries. All of the brookies were between 6 and 9 inches but they made the morning for me!! My 4wt seemed heavy for these guys. The 3wt was in the car, the 2wt bamboo was back home. Go with what you have!!

The Swift is a special place. Cold water, an good flow (60CFS would be PERFECT) and lots of trout that are wise to us fly fishers!!!


Mark said...

I fished the bondsville area from 6.30 til 8 with no fish seenor taken. I was the only one there ! The flows were a little low I think, but the water was cold and it's a nice spot.

I too hit the pipe at 8.30 or so, missed a couple on a #22 bwo trying to match the midge hatch. The smaller fish seemed to taking dries but I watched the heavier dark bows nymphing. I tried everything until one turned and hit the hotspot nymph but I lost it when it jumped. That seemed to kill the spot and as you say it started getting busy, so I hit the crib and missed more small brookies on an ausable bomber.

Bob O said...

Good to see your report on the Swift. Good news. Level has jumped back up today to 112 cfs. Met a dry fly fisher mourning the flow increase. I welcomed it as I made it down to the Pipe with a new friend, Bobby, whom I introduced to Czech nymphing.
We spent only about three hours streamside, but we had a lot of fun, learned stuff from each other and landed a few fish to boot. See you on the water.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

Glad to see that you found someone besides myself doesn't like the yo-yo flows on this river. I like the skinny, cold flow. It makes things interesting. As I said in my post, 60cfs is perfect for me at this time of year. Trout rise freely and but you can still work subsurface flies fairly well. Personally, I don't think that the up and down regime does trout any good.