Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend On The Swift - So Far..

I was the first at the "Pipe" at 7:15am this Labor Day Saturday. What a difference a week makes!! The flow at the mid 40cfs range should not have mattered. It didn't a week or so ago when big, dark rainbows charged the fly. My hour alone produced one middle size 'bow. So I walked upstream just below the gauge and cast a few dry fly casts to those riffles. Above me was a young father, a dog and a young daughter. Dad had a fly rod and both he and the girl waded wet across the stream to fish that set of riffles. Dad hooks a trout, the girl is spellbound and the dog even seems interested. It reminded me of years ago when I would take my girls on trips such as this. That dad is doing the right thing!!

Upstream I go to the crib dam. A land a "triple" - 'bows, browns and a brookie!! All are on an olive parachute, size 16. All are small. The rainbows are between 5 and 7 inches, the browns run 7 to 8 inches and the brookie (so beautiful)made the 10 inch mark. For a while I forget that this is a tailwater where cold water means lots of trout, even big trout. For a while I was in a Northern New England state-of-mind!!! I'll take those small fish. They remind me that I am damn lucky to find rising trout at the tail end of a horridly hot and dry Summer here in the Baystate.

You will know when you get there that this water below the "dam" is best fished from the left side, looking upstream.

I've highlighted this section before. A number of you have commented on it (thank you) but I usually still have the place to myself. Then again, I fish during the early morning and in the evenings.

I posted a photo of the short section that is directly across from the hatchery intake. Last year it was the home of rainbows. This year it's the home of brookies!! Here's the catch - there are a lot of 5 inch fish here but if you work the water carefully and totally the 10-12 inch brookie will show. I fish size 18 CDC emergers on a short line. These fish are beautiful and a lot of fun.

I hope to be there tomorrow (or maybe Bondsville)



Anonymous said...

I have to ask. Did you see anything that looked like a hatch?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Look forward to all the reports as I have limited time with my 2 girls (feeling my pain ?)at home.
Fished Bondsville up to the dam the other day and picked up quite a few brookies (up to 10" or so) and one 'bow (about 12") all on various wets. Nice way to spend a couple of hours.

Mike said...


I've caught those wild brookies in the Swift. But what about those small (5-7") rainbows, and browns (8-9")? Do they stock them that small, are they escapees from the hatchery, or is there some natural reproduction going on?

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Anonymous 1 - There were no hatches while I was there.

Anonymous 2 - I haven't fished up to the dam yet. Maybe on my next trip!


Millers River Flyfisher said...


The Swift is loaded with those small rainbows and browns from below RT 9 to Bondsville. I'd love to think that it's the result of natural reproduction but they have not been in evidence in the past as they are this year. A few December's ago thousands of 8 inch 'bows "appeared" below the pipe. That event was the result of a dumping for sure.

I would guess that there is some reproduction in the river but it's probably minimal. The fish that we have been catching have probably been released/escaped.

Imagine if these little guys survive and grow. They may present a greater challenge than the usual stocker.


Scott said...


"Anonymous 2" here...

There's an outlet on the left side of the dam that was pretty hot with 8-9" brookies.

I also have fished from the mouth at the Ware River as well as down the Ware to the Chicopee and there seems to be more as well as larger trout but it's primarily a sight fishing affair. The water is very clear and almost still in most areas and given the proximity of the canopy getting at the trout you see is rather touchy,for this "hack" at least !


Shad said...

Was at the Bondsville area yesterday evening. For the last few weeks, there has been a pretty nice white mayfly hatch starting right at dusk and getting pretty heavier as it gets darker. Had some success with some light blue duns I had in my box....need to get some white dubbing!

Got a couple nice brookies and a few 12'+ bows last night and frustratingly more takes than I care to count! ;)

Michael said...

Fished the Swift yesterday. Picked up two nice rainbows at the bridge pool. The fish were quite selective,I wish I had some size 28 midges in my fly box.


Millers River Flyfisher said...

It's nice to see that we're spreading out the traffic on the Swift by working the Bondsville section.

I just got back a few minutes ago from that section. Took two 'bows on the surface in the pool above the "shack". I left when a group of 20 somethings decided to party on the opposite shore.