Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving On The Swift - TheTributary

Let's start with the Saturday after Thanksgiving - When I got to the PIPE at 7:30am it was crowded with six anglers jammed into the area from the PIPE down to the TREE. I rigged up while listening to a very loud group that were fishing just below the PIPE. I left the circus atmosphere and fished upstream past the gauge station to the crib dam. A nice morning that saw a half dozen 'bows and brookies playing into my experiment. The experiment was to see what size mattered as far as the trout were concerned. First I rigged a size 14 scud on the top with a size 20 serendipity on the bottom. The smaller fly worked best. I switched the setup but the smaller fly still prevailed. Then I went to a size 20 serendipity on top with a new creation in a size 24. The size 24 won out!! Hmm, this year the smaller fly is the choice!!!

After two hours I walked back to the PIPE where I found one new angler fishing about 30 feet below the PIPE. I decided to take a few casts with my new creation at the PIPE outflow. I immediately took a bow within 5 feet from the PIPE which caused the other angler to say that I was crowding him. I said that if he thought that he was being "crowded" he should of been there three hours before!! I was casting far above (for the pipe) where he was casting and the end of my drift was in water that he wasn't close to fishing. I like solitude but the PIPE is more communal than any other spot on the Swift. One person from the PIPE to the TREE is not a CROWD. When there are three or four in this section I head upstream or downstream. I am certain that I was minding my manners!!

The TRIBUTARY - Sunday afternoon I took a walk down to the above section just to check out the situation. I saw a Hummer parked at the gate which said that George was there with the usual good conversation. That's when he decided to show me the trout in the outflow stream above the PIPE. I've heard of the trout here but never explored the area. We walked past the "No Trespassing" sign (sorry, we were on a mission) and saw dozens of large fish in this outflow. Nice to look at BUT you CAN'T FISH THERE, PERIOD!!!! It reminded me of looking at the outflow from Quabbin into Wachusett years ago. Lots of big fish but NO FISHING!!

The outflow from the hatchery is the largest tributary on the Swift. It's extremely fertile and effects the trout behavior for a surprising distance downstream on the Swift. It is tempting but.......don't fish there!!



Anonymous said...

Let me ask this question. Did you or George cast one line on that outflow???

Millers River Flyfisher said...

No Way!! It was tempting but We didn't. I can imagine casting a bushy dry fly onto those fast flows during the Summer but that won't happen!

Anonymous said...

Couple questions:
I've been looking at your old posts, specifically on how to tie swift river scuds and serendipities. It looks like you use scud hooks for the serendipities? Also, do you wrap the swift scuds with lead?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I use scud hooks for both flies and do not wrap any weight on the scuds.

Ponder said...

Ken -
Your az 24 that I've used - I'd call it an emerger.
While vision is still problematic, I've worked out a way to tie.
I see a dry fly hook - black thread body, x-fine gold wire (French Lagartun - ?), and a turn of peacock herl. I might use bleached herl if the body color should match the natural bug you caught.
In trying to make tying a bit easier -- do you think that using a sz 22 hook and just not covering the full shank work work an those selective Swift River fish?

Millers River Flyfisher said...


You've discovered the old salmon tying trick of tying a small fly for low water on a larger hook!! Good move!!

Bob O said...


The pipe may be the largest tributary on the upper Swift i.e. above Cady Lane. However, over the river's length, I think the flow from Jabish Brook may top it.
Jabish flows into the Swift at the top of an oxbow-like bend south of where River Rd and South Street meet - just east of Bondsville center. I've never fished that hole, but suspect it may harbor a giant or two.

Hope you're staying warm. This week is giving us the first bone chilling taste of things to come.

I spent a short hour with George at the Pipe on Sunday. Tagged a number on a variety of offerings. One on a #16 GRHE, another on a grey soft hackle. Others on smaller stuff. Wind chill was easily in the 20's.

Bob O said...

correction - that would be west of Bondsville center.

Fishing Charter said...

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Millers River Flyfisher said...

Bob O,

My tributary remark was really "tongue in cheek" since the outflow of the hatchery really doesn't count as a tributary. Much of it's flow is taken and discharged from the Swift. Over a twelve month period it probably exceeds the Jabish contribution. It's nutrient contribution exceeds Jabish and that is certain. It certainly makes a difference in that section of the river.