Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The lower, LOWER Millers River

I've been beating the drum for this river for some time, from the Bears Den down to the Kempfield Section. I've also talked about the Lower River, the section below the town of Erving, and have guided some to the top of this section but I've only guided one fly fisher who said that they HAD to fish this lower river. Did we catch trout = yes! Did we catch outsized smallies = yes! Did we see another angler = NO! Was it fun = Totally!!

How to get there - Start at the Bridge St. Pool (order my guide for directions) and fish downstream or find the RR tracks on the south side of the river and fish the places that look good to you. There will be many! The mouths of Mormon Hollow Brook and Lyons Brook are good spots. If you want an easy way of doing this than drive past Farley Flats on Rt2 west until you see a rest area on the left. CAREFULLY enter the rest area, suit up and walk down through the trees until you see the river. You will see a long, slow pool. The head of this pool is known as the "Funnel", a kayaker death trap in high water. In lower water it's great fly fishing. It's about three miles below the last stocking spot but the trout are there. So are the smallmouth who come up from the CT. River to spawn in May and June. These fish are measured in pounds instead of inches. I know that from experience!!

I wish that it was the second week of May right now!!!


parkerjamesii said...

Yup--you do a good job of making it sound like I ought to purchase a MA license this season. Something I've been thinking about.
A lot of this water is closer to me than spots in NH, that I am want to fish. I'm going to have to get hold of some of that 'kevlar' you mentioned and give it a whirl. Nice orange and partridge.

JimC said...

It was your guide and the Bridge Pool that hooked Ann on fly fishing last summer. Granted the fumes of the stocking truck still hung in the air on Memorial Day when we first hit that section but we took fish there on a couple other trips throughout the dry summer. I really wanted to explore down river from the Bridge Street parking but the trail along the southside, along the utility right of way, past the old mill ruins, was posted. Where do you pick up the RR tracks from there?

Michael said...

Ok Ken I am interested in the lower miller's. Typically how late in the season does the smallie and trout fishing hold up.

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Jim C,

One can reach the tracks by following the road for a short distance. I usually walk just outside the utility right of way to get there.

The smallmouth fishing lasts all Summer. I've caught trout in that section during the Summer but fewer than the upstream areas. It needs more browns.


Come on down!!!!!!!

Mac said...

I am going to be trying fly fishing for the first time this spring and there certainly are many places to try but I will be making a trip out to the western part of the state. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of western MA. I was at the Marlboro show and spoke to a gentleman from the state and told him the state doesn't promote the western part of the state enough as a destination for outdoor activities. I was surprised when he said he agreed. I started a blog about my upcoming adventures so please stop by and provide some tips, suggestions and stories from your experience that I could benefit from. Thanks again.

Michael said...


A there smalls all in wade able water? I usually head up to the contookcook in the summer but this sounds better and closer.


Millers River Flyfisher said...

Saw your profile. Favorite movies: Caddy Shack, God Father 1&2 (thank you for not mentioning GF3), A Bronx Tale, Casino, The Jerk, Raging Bull. Favorite music: Led Zeppelin, Giles and SS Johnny - are we related???

We should spend a day fly fishing on the Millers or the EB, hit a GOOD Italian restaurant, drink some wine and talk about fly fishing!!!

Give me your blog address and I'll link you up.


The lower Millers is very wadable for smallies. The whole river is wadable, with caution, if the CFS is around 400cfs.

Mac said...

I didn't want to be presumptuous and leave my blog url. Thanks for asking and here it is:

I do plan on getting out there and fishing this year but I need to practice some beforehand. I don't want to make the same mistake I did when I (not a good skier) went skiing with my wife (a good skier) because it made a bad day for both of us.

Ed Mac