Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All This Snow..What Does This Mean??

There has been some chatter about how this heavy snow season will effect our fishing Spring on the Millers and other freestone rivers. Here is an observation.

Let's backcast to the winter of 1991-1992. We had unbelievably heavy snow which allowed me to cross country ski in the woods of north central Ma until mid April. That sounds great BUT the last moisture that fell from the heavens, to any real extent, fell in late March. May through September were very DRY and that hurt the fishing for the Summer. Double haul to 2001-2002 where we had very heavy snow but a drought during the Summer. The Winter of 2006-2007 had a a light snow pack BUT a Spring and Summer that were wet enough to keep the rivers UP and flowing and the fly fishing was great. The 2008-2009 Winter was average but the Summer was a washout. The 2009-2010 Winter was also average as far as snow was concerned but the Summer spelled DROUGHT like we have not seen it in 25 years.

What does all of this mean?? We like to have a heavy snow pack for the winter BUT we really need a Summer that is NOT DRY!!!!!! An average Summer rainfall will work very nicely. That has been the case on the Millers for years. Occasionally Summers will run dry but most of the time we have the rain that will sustain us.

Let's hope for another "average" season on the Millers. Ditto for the EB!!!