Autumn On The EB

Autumn On The EB

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend On The Millers - Bears Den

I didn't cast a fly this weekend but the guys that I guided did. Two days were spent working the Bears Den From S. Royalston to the Gorge Pool. The crowds that I thought that we would encounter failed to materialize. We saw six fly fishers on Saturday and five on Sunday. Watching and asking showed that my guys took about 80% of the trout (all browns). The flies making the honor roll were: black and olive buggers (duh), the Moby Dick Wet (it took a NATIVE brown), a black nose dace (1st trout caught on a fly that my client tied!!!!!!!!!!!!)and a size 10 white marabou streamer.

I remember a Memorial Day weekend six or so years ago when the Rezendes Pool exploded with rises at 11am. That didn't happen this weekend but I believe, if the past is any indication, that June evenings will provide that surface action.

I hate to do this BUT let's hope for a little rain. Maybe one good rainy day a week. That would be nice!!

The EB is PERFECT right now!!!


The "green fly" is a damsel fly. They will be hatching all over the stream banks this week. It's the nymph that matters.


Will K said...

Saturday night in bear's den there were 2 guys when I got there about 7, they were leaving as I arrived... I was amazed to see no one there. Made for a nice night though. Plus, I caught several browns on a #16 Jason Borger style parachute emerger which was fun as heck.

Did well monday in the lower C and R section on bass and about 4 trout (bow's and browns). that was all on a size 8 Ugly Damsel pattern.

The river is sure fishing well!

Jerry said...

There's no such thing as a native brown trout in North America. They are native to Europe. I look at this this way:
stocked (as in stocked this year)
holdover (stocked, but made it through a winter)
wild (born in the river)
native (naturally occurring: e.g. brookies in the east, rainbows and cutthroats out west).

Other than clipped fins, I'm not sure how one would tell a holdover from a wild trout.

Anonymous said...

Was a nice day up in the den on saturday.Saw you cross the river below me.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


I think that you know what I'm talking about. A 5-6 inch brown caught in the Millers is native to the Millers even if it's great, great, great, great grandfather came from Scotland or Germany. I'm native to this country even though my ancestors came from Ireland and Poland. Call it WILD, I don't care.


browntrout said...


EB was extremely good to me yesterday.
Someone for sure was watching over me. Read more at;

Tom said...

Hit the Millers last night in Wendell Depot for a few hours. Got 4 browns, 1 bow and 2 smallies all on nymphs and wet flies. Tons of caddis flying about but no surface activity but I did leave at 7pm, so it could have kicked in later. What was strange was that all the trout had odd growths or abnormalities on them, they didnt look healthy. The bow had a big chunk of its gill plate missing, leaving the red gills exposed and one of the browns had a quarter sized growth hanging off its mouth, I thought it was a piece of undigested baitfish the brown had taken but realized that it was attached to the bottom jaw.

Millers River Flyfisher said...


Hmm...I haven't seen things like that yet. Maybe those were war wounds from doing battle with all those big, conehead buggers!!


Tom said...

Hit the EB yesterday, flows down from last week and had to work a little harder for the fish. Overall great day and landed some really nice Bows and browns including a native brookie and a native brown or at least a brown that was born in the river, it was about 6". Used everything from nymphs, wet flies, streamers and dries to land fish. The Dark Blue Sedges were hatching like mad in the early evening along with a smorgasbord of mayflies from March Browns to sulphurs and BWO. Dry flies would produce but better action was just below the surface

Mike F said...

Hi Ken,
Hit the C&R section upstream of the UTD dam in Athol early Sunday AM (on the water by 6:30am or so). Was on the water for about 2.5 hours--but alas was skunked! Covered a good amount of water, mixed up flies (mostly weighted buggers with different droppers) and presentation (different depths, dead-drift, variable retreive). Water looked great, and I thought it was going to be gangbusters. Needless to say I was very depressed on the drive home.
Any suggestions? Do you find the evening bite is better this time of year?
Mike F

Millers River Flyfisher said...

Mike F,

We are getting into the evening mode on the Millers. The UTD stretch - I've had great luck there and at times I've been skunked. It would be great if the local TU'ers got permission to drive up to the dam and throw some browns in. I've mentioned it but.....